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These days there are a growing number of options to transform any home into an automated and intelligent space, however there is one name that stands above the rest in terms of prestige, luxury and performance, that name is Crestron. Pioneers of the smart home market, this manufacturer can largely be credited with creating the residential automation sector with ground-breaking technology, discretely and beautifully placed into the very fabric of the home. 

Since 2016, Pulse Cinemas has enjoyed the status as the only company in the UK permitted to stock, sell and support the Crestron family, apart from the manufacturer. This status underlines the respect with which Pulse Cinemas is held by the sector’s leading manufacturer and underlines Pulse’s commitment to offering only the very best systems for every type of application. The Crestron family of products can be seen in action at Pulse Cinema’s luxury demonstration suites underling how the brand does not only deliver top end automation, but how it blends perfectly with Pulse’s other offerings in terms of cinemas and top-class AV experiences. 

As well as being the perfect platform from which to control a high-performance home cinema or media room, Crestron has the power to make every part of each day, easier and more fulfilled all around the home. With Crestron and Pulse Cinemas, its possible to build a home which reflects the needs and personality of every family offering control of lights, heating, curtains and shades, audio visual products including music systems and TVs as well as building peace of mind with intelligent security products. 

Crestron can set the mood for every occasion, automatically changing the home environment to match each occasion, whether its movie night, dinner guests, a chilled-out evening listening to music or more practical solutions such as securing the home when unoccupied or welcoming the family home again, Crestron can do it all. 

All of this control can be placed in the palm of the hand via dedicated controllers, attractive wall mounted control points or via smart phones and tablets. Crestron even allows the home to be controlled via voice commands, adding that 21st century technology touch. Ultimately, Crestron automates a house, making it more a home, delivering automation and entertainment experiences no other company can offer.  

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TSR / HR 310 Remotes

TSR / HR 310 Remotes

Elegant, ergonomic, and rugged handheld remotes, the TSR with a 3” colour touch screen, both with backlit buttons, voice control capability, and enhanced Wi-Fi® wireless communications. The HR offers infiNET EX® RF wireless technology & Nine of its buttons can be custom labeled and assigned to any function. Movement sensing wakes the remotes the instant they are picked up so they're always ready to use.

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