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Today’s top-quality AV and home cinema equipment needs the very best in protection from power variances and spikes as well as a stable power platform from which to weave its magic.

Furman is the go-to name in AC power management for professional musicians, sound engineers and broadcasters around the world. All of this professional level technology is also available in the home, to make sure AV equipment sings as sweetly as it does in the pro music and movie worlds. Furman’s products have saved billions of dollars' worth of equipment from power problems, and the company’s innovative technologies maximise AV system performance too.

Today’s AV technologies are more sophisticated than ever, but the grid that powers the equipment is increasingly overstretched and often out-dated. Power problems can cause performance issues, reduced reliability, and damage to sensitive components. Furman’s solutions are engineered to address today’s real-world needs.

Furman delivers far more than just basic surge protection. Typical surge suppressors rely exclusively on sacrificial components to protect equipment from voltage surges and spikes. They are designed to ‘take the bullet’ when exposed to a catastrophic voltage irregularity. This hopefully will save the equipment, but it might also sacrifice internal components in the process. In a best-case scenario, this leaves equipment unprotected until the surge suppression device can be repaired or replaced. In the worst case, the device can’t absorb the entire surge before failing or letting voltage pass into the system and damaging equipment.

Furman’s technology is different. Just one example, in Series Multistage Protection (SMP) system the offending voltage spike is critically damped so that the overall energy level is reduced to a fraction of what the clamping device can handle. Like a shock absorber, the SMP circuit protects itself, and the precious AV equipment in the system it is connected to. Furman’s solutions understand and control the power with intelligence and agility.

Increased clarity and performance

 Furman’s products (SPR-20I, IT-REF 15I, IT-REF 20I) don’t just protect, they increase performance too. Though the need for pristine AC power is nothing new, Furman’s technology and its unique implementation are revolutionary and without peer. Today's AC lines are plagued with ever increasing noise. When AC noise couples into a system's components, it masks low level signals and cripples performance. This low-level content is critical because it relays the crucial harmonics and ambience in audio, and depth and clarity in video. With the Furman’s Discrete Symmetrical Power, video screens, projectors, CD/DVD players, pre-amplifiers, and scalers are fed linearly-filtered ultra-low-noise symmetrical power. This dramatically reduces AC noise, ensuring peak operation of critical components. For the first time, home cinemas and AV systems can perform to their highest possible levels, all thanks to Furman.

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