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James Loudspeaker: Adaptable, effortless audio

The James Loudspeaker story began in the San Francisco Bay area back in 1999, founded by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic audio engineers, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs. Over the years, James Loudspeaker has established itself as a world-leader and innovator in both high-performance residential and commercial speaker solutions, providing products for exclusive homes, forward-thinking businesses and high-quality marine applications.

James Loudspeaker takes pride in its ongoing spirit of innovation, unprecedented customisation capabilities, flawless sonic reproduction and excellence in design and quality of build. 

Offering a huge range of home cinema and AV focused designs, the company is known for delivering the ultimate entertainment experience while maintaining a minimal visual presence, so everyone gets the sound they want without compromising the look of their home.

Unique approach

James Loudspeaker is well-known for its Sound Bars, all custom sized to exactly match the flat panel display it will partner. Not only does James match the width (or the height), custom brackets are supplied to ensure that the Sound Bar sits flush with the front of the display. For TVs featuring a hanging or dropdown logo, the Sound Bar is precisely notched to accommodate the logo, allowing the bar to sit snug with the body of the TV. James offers a number of attractive standard colours, but custom colours available if a stronger design statement is required.

mounted to either side of the TV. Once configured, these two speakers combine their signals, producing their own Left, Right channels, but also the centre channel too. This technology allows James to produce speaker arrangements for a huge variety of systems, homes and needs.

James Loudspeaker also has a variety of high-performance ultra-slim drivers that allow integration into some of the smallest of spaces. This allows the company to deliver satellite speakers that defy logic with wide frequency response and excellent bass response, but from an incredibly compact design. With James Loudspeaker, the technology just keeps coming to ensure the very best cinema and AV performance and flexibility. The James Loudspeaker experience is only available in the UK to and from those custom installers and retailers who have a relationship with Pulse Cinemas.

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