'NEAR' stands for 'New England Audio Resource', a company that has a particularly innovative take on the audio-visual world, delivering its unique products to a global audience since 1988.

The company was founded by highly respected audio engineer Bill Kieltyka, who was a key player in the development of the legendary high-end speaker company Bozak – a maker recognised for its innovative curvilinear aluminium speaker cones as well as the world’s first high-quality, full range, residential outdoor loudspeaker, the Bard.

After leaving Bozak, Bill founded NEAR in 1988 and created the company’s first product – the outdoor AEL (All Environment Loudspeaker), featuring, of course, aluminium cone woofers. The AEL series was a huge success, not just in gardens and other residential exterior spaces, but also in the commercial world – being included at Universal Studio’s Jurassic Park and Islands of Adventure theme parks, as well as at the top of New Hampshire’s Mt. Washington, a place that enjoys the reputation of experiencing the worst weather in North America.

In 1997, the audio quality and weather resistance of NEAR speakers caught the attention of Bogen Communications, Inc. Bogen recognised the advantages of the NEAR technology for their commercial applications, and acquired the company with Bill continuing as the lead designer for NEAR-branded products.

Let’s go outside

Enjoying high-quality music outside is a phenomenon that has been growing in recent years. As dedicated products come onto the market, modest gardens, large landscaped grounds, patios, pool-sides, and other exterior spaces can now have the same high-quality audio as inside the home. This is precisely the reason Pulse Cinemas wanted to provide access to NEAR for its family of installers, retailers and end-users.

Today, the NEAR designs take advantage of over 28 years of single-minded dedicated development of outdoor loudspeakers. From frigid mountain-tops, to high-humidity Central America, NEAR speakers have seen it all, so coping with anything the UK can throw at it is a breeze. The speakers have been exposed to (and survived) indoor pools with high chlorine content, fertiliser spray, as well as bug and animal infestations.

All were learning experiences that advanced the state of outdoor sound art. Bill and the team analysed every challenge over the decades and always concluded, “We can do better” – and they did! Today’s NEAR products are the beneficiaries of decades of past successes and lessons learnt. Bill and his team never stop striving to make NEAR speakers even better sounding and more rugged.

It only takes one listen and you'll hear why music lovers agree that NEAR speakers offer an ideal combination of performance, durability and value.

Enjoying the NEAR brand experience in the UK is only possible through Pulse Cinemas’ national network of retail and custom install partners.

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