Case study / The Chamber of Secrets


Some customers like to take a neutral approach to the ‘look’ they want for their cinema, whilst others really like to create some extra movie magic by designing around a special theme. 

This owner wanted to go ‘full Hogwarts’ and create a tribute to the hugely popular Harry Potter franchise with this inventive and high-performance space, design around the Great Hall; the heart of the action at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

With skilled designers and technicians, getting the right performance levels as well as the detailing to make a cinema like this work, is achievable and this room delivers on every level. A wonderful space to enjoy content in its own right, but also a fitting tribute to the power of movies to inspire and excite. This space feels unique and special and steeped in movie magic.

James Loudspeaker and Storm Audio combine to offer a full Dolby Atmos immersive experience, filling the whole room with the right audio in every seat.      

A Screen Research Fixed Screen 150in screen provides pin sharp and high-impact images, all delivered via the clever short-throw technology of the SIM2 XTV which allows for flexible placement of the projector.

Viewers can enjoy hundreds of hours of content from the Kaleidescape content server in uncompressed 4K high-quality. The IsoTek brand is also in place, offering protection from surges and spikes in the electricity supply, as well as providing clean power so all of the equipment has a stable base from which to deliver its full potential.

This cinema is controlled via the RTI automation brand, delivering one touch control and precise adjustment for all of the features of the cinema.

A complement of home cinema seating from Fortress Seating, designed to fit in around the Harry Potter theme, completes this high-performance tribute to the world of movies and the magic they create. 

Equipment List

High Quality Immersive Audio

  • James Loudspeaker - Pendents Atmos (x6)
  • James Loudspeaker - 68ow Fronts (x3)
  • James Loudspeaker - 66ow Sides / Rears (x8)
  • James Loudspeaker - QX1020 Fronts (x2)
  • James Loudspeaker - 1200PT - Rear Ceiling (x2)
  • James Loudspeaker - M1000 Sub Amp (x4)
  • Storm Audio - ISP 3D.20 Elite Processor
  • Storm Audio - PA-8 Ultra Elite Power Amp
  • Storm Audio - PA-16 Elite Power Amp

World Class Projection & Screen Combination

  • Screen Research - Fixed Screen 150" Max Width
  • SIM2 - XTV 4K

Perfect mix of high performance and high luxury environment

  • Kaleidescape - Strato 6TB (x1)
  • IsoTek - Alpha with Control (x1)
  • Fortress Seating - Hudson
  • RTI - XP-6s
  • RTI - T4x Remote