Case study / Hidden Cinema Basement


Having a wonderful space like this to work with is a real treat for any cinema installer, allowing the creation of a dedicated space that can transport anyone who uses it to new worlds.

This inventive cinema, created in partnership with Pulse Cinemas and one of our highly skilled install partners, really pushes the envelope of performance whilst providing an exciting and cool environment.

Basements often make excellent cinemas with their relative isolation from the rest of the house and the lack of ambient light, and installers have a strong blank canvas from which to create thrilling experiences.

Accessed via its cool spiral staircase, this cinema is simply teeming with high-quality products which deliver a full immersive Dolby Atmos audio experience, combined with the best in 4K images.

AudioControl processing delivers all the control and grunt the cinema needs to drive the array of excellent James Loudspeaker products, so the audio experience is second to none.

The images are projected onto a Screen Research FS3 acoustically transparent screen, delivered by a SIM2 Nero 4S projector capable of offering the very best images available from a domestic projector today.

The content is controlled and delivered by a Kaleidescape Strato movie and content system, so whatever the mood of the owners, the cinema can match it with movies, music and more.

This attractive and inviting space needs really top-class seating and so eight custom made chairs were provided by Fortress Seating, the best dedicated cinema seating brand on the planet.

Lighting in a space such as this is vital to add a touch of drama and show off the room’s plush interior, so a Lutron QS system was included to build an extra layer of aesthetics and practicality. 

A complete set of Vicoustic acoustic treatment panels were also included to tame any rough edges to the audio and to focus the sound. 

IsoTek power conditioning products clean the power and provide a stable platform for the equipment to reach its full potential as well as protecting the cinema from power surges or spikes. 

The cinema also benefits from a high-quality video distribution system from market leader Pulse-Eight. 

Finally, the cherry on the cake is that everything in the room is controllable from the home’s RTI automation system. 

The cinema can perform many tasks completely automatically – such as getting ready to watch a movie – but also, the owners can break in at any time and control the whole space manually via an easy to understand bespoke interface. Simply put, this basement cinema delivers on every level.

Pulse Cinemas Suggested Equipment List

High Quality Immersive Audio

Anthem - AVM60

Anthem - MCA325 (x2)

Anthem - MCA525 

James Loudspeaker - QX806BE (x3)

James Loudspeaker - QX830 (x4)

James Loudspeaker - QX620R (x4)

James Loudspeaker - M152 (x2)

James Loudspeaker - M1000 (x2)

IsoTek - Power Conditioning

World Class Projection & Screen Combination

Screen Research - FS3 acoustically transparent screen

SIM2 - Nero 4S

Perfect mix of high performance and high luxury environment

Kaleidescape Strato

Fortress Seating Solo (x8)

Lutron QS System

RTI Control System with 8 inch KA8 Touch Panel with T4x Remote Control

Pulse Eight Video distribution system

Vicoustic Acoustic treatment package