Case study / Ocean Going Cinema


Ocean Going Cinema

This clever and stylish yacht based install is cunningly filled with Pulse Cinema ingredients helping to add an extra level of luxury to life on-board. The ingenuity of our install partners working closely with the Pulse Cinemas team means engaging and powerful projects can be completed no matter what the location, venue or challenges presented. 

As is often the case, inspiration is taken from a visit to Pulse Cinemas HQ in Stanstead where the best brand line up the company has ever put together can be fully experienced and applied out to the real world situations our skilful dealer partners and customers need to accommodate.

This does not stop at cinemas on dry land, as this project shows, Pulse Cinemas ingredients and our install partners are equally at home on super yachts and other vessels.

Cunningly integrated Paradigm loudspeakers are woven into this project to deliver a full Dolby Atmos experience for those on-board working in tandem with Anthem processing and amplification to really make this cinema sing.

Speakers from James’ QX series combine with Power Pipe series subwoofers to deliver an awesome audio experience.

A Digital Projection Evison 4K projector delivers stunningly vibrant colours and accurate images not matter what the content and remains hidden until needed so as not to impact the aesthetics of this highly attractive living and relaxing space.  

A Screen Research MS3-IS In celling motorised screen is in place which adjusts automatically to all types of content to ensure the screen is always the right size to accommodate the content being watched and a package of Vicoustic acoustic treatment panels focus the audio so every nuance of the content can be enjoyed.

For this type of cinema only the very best content delivery system will do and this cinema can call on the considerable powers of the Kaleidescape Strato 4K player. Simply put, there is not a better content delivery system on the planet. 

Enabling full control of the system intuitively, an RTI control system via an CX7 control panel provides access to the vessels automation and AV control system allowing users to quickly access the content they require. 

An easy to install wireless Lutron QS lighting system rounds out the system adding illumination, a touch of drama and the necessary scenarios to lower the lights when its movie time!

IsoTek power conditioning products and a Pulse-Eight video distribution system complete the high-quality equipment line up. 

The Pulse Cinemas ingredients in this install are particularly akin to coping with life at sea and our specialist marine division stands ready to make other ocean-going customer’s AV dreams comes true.


Pulse Cinemas Suggested Equipment List: 

High Quality Immersive Audio

Anthem - AVM60

Anthem - MCA325 (x2)

Anthem - MCA525 

James Loudspeaker - LCR QX806BE 

James Loudspeaker - QX820 Atmos 8" Marine 

James Loudspeaker - QX620

James Loudspeaker - 1200PT - 2M Marine Power Pipe Subwoofer

IsoTek - Power conditioning 

World Class Projection & Screen Combination

Screen Research - MS3-IS In celling motorised screen

Digital Projection - Evison 4K

Prismasonic - Anamorphic lens

Perfect mix of high performance and high luxury environment

Kaleidescape Strato 4K player 

Lutron Full home works QS system

RTI Control System CX7 

Pulse Eight Video distribution system

Vicoustic Acoustic treatment package