Case study / Luxury Living Media Room


This minimalist living space (which takes its accents and inspiration from the grounds surrounding the home) needed a discreet but high-performance cinema to help the owner enjoy their favourite content without comprising the look of the space. Carefully chosen Pulse Cinemas ingredients, installed by one of our highly-skilled installation partner companies, made this dream cinema become reality.


This uncluttered living space sits adjacent to and with direct access to the home’s beautiful grounds. This skilful juxtaposition between living space and nature needed to be reflected in this impressive cinema design, which must remain completely hidden until needed.

A living room of considerable size, the cinema needed power and control in equal measure, so an Anthem MRX 720 powers a complement of fully integrated and hidden Paradigm speakers. IsoTek power conditioning is also in place to protect these high-performance electronics and give them a clean power supply to work with. 

Also delivering a boost to the audio performance are a full complement of Vicoustic wall treatment panels, which tame the room’s harder surfaces and present the audio in a clear and pleasing fashion.

 A multi-purpose experience awaits those who use the room with a Loewe - bild 7.65 matching the fit, feel and design of the space perfectly with its sleek lines and powerful ultra-high definition quality. 

When the owners want a more immersive, full-on cinema experience, a BenQ - PCK50KH projector and a Screen Research MS3-IS in-ceiling screen lower into their respective positions and bathe the room in lifelike images. 

A room with lots of ambient light such as this, needs an intelligent lighting solution and in this space, Lutron lighting delivers the subtlety needed to transition from brightly lit living space, to cinema mode, where the lights dim and the excitement begins. 

A Kaleidescape Strato (content storage and delivery system) rounds out the AV package, presenting a wide world of choice to anyone who uses the cinema, no matter what their favourite flavour of movie or other content might be. 

Also in place is a video distribution system from market leader Pulse-Eight and the equipment receives clean and spike free power via conditioning products from IsoTek. 

A luxury RTI automation system controls the whole room, automatically transitioning from one use scenario to another and also providing the owners with direct live control over all aspects of the room’s AV and lighting.

Pulse Cinemas Suggested Equipment List 

High Quality Immersive Audio

  • Anthem - MRX 720
  • Paradigm - P1LCR (x3)
  • Paradigm - P65-IW (x2)
  • Paradigm - P65-R (x2)
  • Paradigm - Seismic 110
  • IsoTek - Power conditioning 

World Class Projection & Screen Combination

  • Loewe - bild 7.65
  • Screen Research - MS3-IS In celling motorised screen
  • BenQ - PCK50KH

Perfect mix of high performance and high luxury environment

  • Kaleidescape Strato
  • Lutron QS System
  • RTI Control System with CX7 Panel
  • Pulse Eight Video distribution system
  • Vicoustic Acoustic treatment package