Case study / Ferrari Themed Home Cinema


Ferrari Themed Home Cinema

Sometimes customers want to combine their passion for great cinema with another of their great loves and in this case, home cinema and motor sport come together in a spectacular celebration of the best of both of these worlds. In this space, the cinema shares top billing with the owner’s beautifully displayed Ferrari, with the cinema taking design accents from the world of motor sport to create something truly unique. 

In a marriage made in heaven, one of the world’s top motor sport brands meets the world of high-performance cinema, where the Pulse Cinemas ingredients included in this cinema are tuned to perfection to exceed the result the owner desired. 

In this space AudioControl handles all of the power and processing, accelerating the cinema to where it needs to be. James Loudspeakers joins the power and precision of AudioControl as the perfect pit partner, to ensure a winning combination with a full Dolby Atmos surround sound installation.

A Screen Research - FS3 acoustically transparent screen ensures the images are vibrant and life-like, whilst allowing the speakers to be placed in pole position, directly behind the screen. A BenQ PCL50KH projector is in the driving seat when it comes to the images, delivering all the excitement and immersive qualities needed in a room such as this.

The Fortress seating included in this cinema takes it's design accent from the world of racing and reflects the same livery as the owners beloved car.

For a cinema of this calibre, a Kaleidescape Strato content player was the only solution suitable to match the class of the cinema's other star attraction.

A series of acoustic treatments from Vicoustic ensure this multi-use space can tame, handle and deliver the audio needed for a top performing cinema.  

Lighting is vital in this space and an intelligent Lutron QS system ensures that not only is the cinema shown off to the max and prepared for movie time, the whole room is pulled together creating a feeling of luxury and excitement. 

A Crestron system is included to ensure control of everything in the room, taking the chequered flag for convenience and ease of use.  

This cinema also shows what can be done when installers call on a design team, to help create a unique theme such as this, where class and creativity are the winners.

 Follow the link to watch the video walk through of this impressive cinema space:

Pulse Cinemas Recommended Room Specification 

High Quality Immersive Audio

Audio Control - M5 Processor 

Audio Control - Pantages G3 5 channel amp

Audio Control Savoy G3 7 channel amp

James Loudspeaker - QX830 (x3)

James Loudspeaker - QX520 (x4)

James Loudspeaker - QX620R (x4)

James Loudspeaker - 1200PT (x2)

James Loudspeaker - M1000 (x2)

World Class Projection & Screen Combination

Screen Research - FS3 acoustically transparent screen

BenQ - PCL50KH

Perfect mix of high performance and high luxury environment

Kaleidescape - Strato

Fortress Seating - Matinee (x10)

Lutron - QS System

Crestron - Control System

Vicoustic - Acoustic treatment package