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Can I use the IsoTek GII Nova with my power amplifier?

You cannot use a GII Nova with power amplification as it was never designed for this purpose. It is design for source components and was originally a system working in combination with a GII Titan. The reason being is that the internal circuit features a technology called ‘Adaptive Gating’ this auto senses the load (connected electronics) over several minutes and provides an ideal filter environment. Thus, you could place a projector, typically 300W next to a CD player, typically 35W and the system would adjust as required. Imaging Adaptive Gating as the iris of your eye, if you walk in bright sunshine, and then enter a dark room, there will be a period of time that you cannot see as it is very dark, over a minute the room will become brighter as your iris adjusts to the diminished light. The same is true of the Adaptive Gating system. Therefore, when a power amplifier ‘gulps’ power from the mains, the GII Nova will not react quickly enough, and dynamic restriction will occur. So, the input power might be 16A, 3680W or VA, but the circuit is not designed for amplifier usage.

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