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I am thinking about trying the IsoTek Full System Enhancer & Rejuvenation Disc. How does it work and what are the benefits?

The original IsoTek Full System Enhancer CD addressed the essentials for burning in and demagnetising a conventional, CD-based Hi-Fi system. The High Resolution FSE disc adds two brand new features to that, looking both forwards and backwards in time: a track specially designed to condition phono stages in a manner LPs simply can’t achieve, to use this track one would need to use the Blue Horizon RIAA filter between your CD player and Phono stage. The second, new track is designed to exercise the full dynamic range of a 24-bit high-resolution music server system. The disc will not only burn-in and demagnetise, but also rejuvenate your entire audio system, allowing it to function at its optimum level, whether your preferred source is analogue or digital. It is important to exercise your system across the full range of frequencies and amplitudes it may encounter in real life. To this end the audio tones on this disc have been carefully and scientifically devised to cover the full audio band from top to bottom, utilising our unique algorithm. High amplitude signals are combined with high speed tones across the full frequency range, ensuring full system burn-in and demagnetisation is achieved.

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