By Alice Gustafson for CE Pro

Storm Audio has appointed Pulse Cinemas as its UK distributor for the manufacturer’s line of immersive audio home cinema products.

Storm Audio’s catalogue offers a variety of 16- and 32-channel immersive audio preamp/processors, a 16-channel integrated processor and 8- and 16-channel power amplifiers. All of Storm Audio’s products incorporate the latest technologies dedicated to delivering the best home cinema immersive music and movie experiences, including built-in capability to support Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

Storm Audio says that the scalability of its range, the modular design as well as its intuitive user-interface and extensive remote-monitoring capabilities is what makes it a perfect match for Pulse Cinemas’ high-end portfolio of brands.

“We are truly excited about our partnership with Pulse Cinemas,” says Yves Trélohan, senior vice president with Storm Audio. “As one of the most respected distributors in the UK market place, they have a premium reputation for developing and growing brands and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for Storm Audio. We look forward to the collaboration and seeing our processors and amps in the UK’s finest home theatres soon.”

We are delighted to be looking after distribution, sales and marketing for Storm Audio
Mike Beatty, managing director at Pulse Cinemas

“The brand and their vision has excited our team and we look forward to sharing what’s new with dealers that are looking to install the very finest home cinema amplification. Another trip to Storm Audio’s very impressive Belgium facility is being organised as we speak!”

With servicing and easiest-possible dealer setup as important values for both companies, the partnership aims to provide dealers in the UK with superb fidelity and unique advancements.