AVA Smart Home Remote
Wireless Handheld System Controllers

AVA is the revolutionary smart home and luxury AV remote control the industry has been waiting for exclusively available in the UK from Pulse Cinemas.

 If you are not fully familiar with AVA yet, this superbly designed ergonomic remote packs all the functionality end users need to control their whole home into a beautiful slim remote based on the Android operating system. Able to natively use any app available via Android, the unit can also be configured to be used a single app, say an RTI smart home system, if that makes more sense for the customer and for the project. In short, AVA is the world's first Google certified remote that offers you and your customers the full power of the Google Play Store as well as compatibility with the most popular smart home control platforms.

The high-density touch screen with ultra-narrow bezel, offers easy viewing and access to everything the customer needs to see and control and the cunningly integrated speaker and microphone, offer full voice activation, search and intercom functionality. The robust, solid body is machined from a single piece of aluminium, feels very comfortable in the hand and protects the screen perfectly should any accidents or drops occur. AVA comes in two highly aesthetic finishes (Black and Silver), but AVA is not just a pretty face as the unit has all the power and speed today’s market needs and users’ demand.

AVA is powered by a 4-Core, 2Ghz processor, so no tasks are too heavy for the remote, simple commands or larger macro sequences are never a problem.

Install any of your customer’s favourite smart home apps or platforms and installers will witness a game changing experience.

Power is also long lasting as the 2200mAh battery can last up to six days on one charge when not connected to the docking station and charger.

The magnetic dock assures the remote is always ready for action and offers a pleasingly substantial feeling unit to partner and support AVA.

Weighing a very generous 308 grams (11 ounces), the dock always stays put when users lift the remote. The innovative and neatly designed dock also hides the USB-C Plug completely offering further aesthetic advantages. Guiding magnets snap the remote into position with ease when it is time to return to the dock.

Check out our FAQ section for more information on AVA.