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Krix: Experience Sound

It has been 50 years since Scott Krix (company founder) sold his first speakers, but the story remains the same. Scott and his band of brothers, engineers and designers, continue to innovate, creating Australian made and manufactured speakers for people who want to go from simply listening, to experiencing, sound.

Trends have come and gone, but one thing has remained the same at Krix  – the artistic pursuit of delivering the highest quality sound through the highest quality speakers.

Today, Krix is synonymous with innovation, quality and a passion for delivering exceptional sound experiences. Whether in commercial cinemas or residential spaces worldwide, Krix’s legacy resonates through the impeccable craftsmanship and engineering embedded in every Krix speaker. Krix now populates the Pulse Cinemas main demonstration space at company HQ.

The Krix dedicated home cinema family of speakers provide a vast, immersive sound stage with optimum dispersion, vocal intelligibility, and responsive bass, ensuring every soundtrack is delivered with high intensity and authority.

Extreme bass levels, a smooth frequency response and an expansive dynamic range combine for all-encompassing, uncompromising home cinema sound. A conduit for the expression of art through film, Krix speakers were made to move the audience.

Pulse Cinemas offers access to the Dedicated Home Cinema part of the Krix family. Get more information on the Series SX, Series MX and Series X here.