Trinnov Audio
Home Cinema , Central Processors

The Industry Reference In Sound Processing

More than just a manufacturer, Trinnov is a technical authority.

Trinnov processors are designed and manufactured in France, with reliability forged through fifteen years of experience serving the most demanding professional audio environments. Because world-class products deserve world-class support, Trinnov is committed to providing support at the same high level as its technology.

The cutting edge of home cinema processing

Powered with Trinnov's exclusive technologies and unique software architecture, the Altitude platform revolutionised the AV Processor landscape. Designed with performance and sustainability in mind, discover the high-end home cinema industry reference AV Preamplifier and deliver high-performance immersive sound to your customers.

Trinnov’s diverse team of over 60 passionate people share a deep commitment to audio excellence, bringing hundreds of years of audio engineering and musical experience, extending across all departments of the company.

Trinnov has recently introduced its WaveForming technology, an active acoustics solution that removes the room's modal response and reduces decay times in the low frequencies offering a solution to inaccurate ‘boomy’ bass performance. WaveForming allows listeners to experience clearer more dynamic bass whilst also revealing details in the mid bass and higher frequencies that were otherwise masked by lingering bass notes. Experience WaveForming in the Main Cinema at Pulse Cinemas HQ.

For Pulse Cinemas, the commitment to excellence and continuing development makes Trinnov Audio a natural choice for our line-up.