Name: Stephen Carr
Hometown: Reading, Berkshire
Educational Background: BA (Hons) Business Management, Marketing & Related Support Services

I joined Pulse in May 2017 as Brand Ambassador to Kaleidescape following 10 years of working primarily in sales of luxury goods and services. My main focus is to help Pulse build the Kaleidescape brand through a number of channels with the core methods being education through dealer training and multichannel marketing as well as developing and maintaining strategic partnerships with like-brands to help the key demographic to discover Kaleidescape.

I work remotely, so much of the work I do is all over the UK with our network of first-rate AV dealers. I do try and spend at least one day a week in the office with the team however, as it is a great atmosphere and a cool facility to work at. If I didn’t live so far away from Stansted I swear I would be in the large cinema every week binge watching the latest releases from Kaleidescape!

Any time I get away from the office is split fairly equally between golfing (handicap 7), going to the movies and getting quality time with my partner Tuesday and our baby son, Rex. If I was to describe a perfect day it would be an early rise and a brisk 7:30am tee time at Sunningdale Old, then a Pub lunch with the boys to talk about how awful we played, then home for an afternoon in front of the TV with Rex giving him an education in Spielberg’s finest works and topped off with an evening BBQ under the stars with the missus and our mates. Perfect!

In my career I have been very fortunate to only ever have to do what I love for a living.
Stephen Carr - Brand Ambassador (Kaleidescape) for Pulse Cinemas

The best thing about working at Pulse aside from the fact that I am the world’s biggest movie enthusiast, selling a product that was built for movie enthusiasts is, that I am given the flexibility to be great by both management and my colleagues in the office. As salespeople, we are speedboats, so Mike, Kapes and the teams efficiency and professionalism ensures that we can go at full speed without having to worry so much about the wake we create. I have a great team backing me up in every department and nothing is too much to ask even when the orders are stacked high.

Stephen was also fundamental in the development of this website - leading initial design, much of the content creation and testing-in-the-field with dealers. His experience in online security, privacy, user experience and overall project management was key to the successful launch of our new website!

Stephen Carr's favourite movies