We are thrilled to announce that the Anthem AVM 90 receiver and Paradigm Founder 120H speaker series have both been recognised this year in the EISA awards.

As EISA celebrates its 40-year anniversary in 2022, the organisation’s reach has extended to 27 countries and multiple magazines covering the very best of consumer electronics. Giving expert guidance to consumers pointing them in the direction of the very best products released each year, remains the organisations’ primary goal.

Anthem points out that not since 2009, when the D2v was launched and subsequently won the Best Product in the Home Theatre High-End category, has another product from the same stable been recognised by the EISA organisation. That is until this year, when both Anthem AVM 90 and Founder 120H started turning heads globally, leading to both products being nominated for EISA category awards.

Following a well-received presentation from the PML Sound International team (parent to Anthem Paradigm and Martin Logan brands) in Canada to the EISA Judges, supported by multiple reviews from across the globe, the Paradigm Founder 120H and Anthem AVM 90 have won top awards in the following categories.

The Founder 120H picks up the Best Products, 2022-23, Floor-standing Loudspeakers and the Anthem AVM 90 receives, best Products 2022-23, Home Theatre Processor.

A PML spokesperson says, “To win one EISA award is an honour; to win two is simply amazing, and we cannot thank the judges enough for seeing first-hand how unique both products are and the value proposition they represent. The passion and hard work we made bringing these products to market, especially in a challenging time, were not easy but worthwhile. Our distributors also worked extremely hard to ensure the relevant magazines received the products on time and shared our enthusiasm with their local press partners.

“We hope these awards will support and allow us to continue building upon our brands’ success. We have even more exciting products for the future, and we cannot wait to share them with the world.”

At Pulse Cinemas we love to talk about the brands we support, and the genuine class-leading quality offered by them all. An award win such as this just underlines that we only work with the best in the business.