Pulse Cinemas continues with its Open Day initiative, welcoming dealers from across the UK to experience all that is new at the company. Check in here, to see when the next available dates are, or call if you would like to arrange a visit with a client.  

With events due to take place throughout the year, we are keen to underline a host of added-value initiatives that can only be experienced by attending our Open Days.

“A totally new and unique experience at these events”, explains, Simon Schino, Pulse Cinemas Director of Sales and Marketing, “Is the Dream Engine VR systems, which shows how cinema works and builds real enthusiasm and drive to buy.” The Dream Engine is a unique home cinema, design, demonstration and sales tool that immerses customers in a real time, working home cinema, virtual reality world.

Simon explains, “We firmly believe our Dream Engine immersive experience takes the performance and functionality of this sector to new heights. Producing a high-performance VR experience for your customers puts you on trend and able to fully exploit this fantastic technology.” Using a software package exclusively designed for Pulse Cinemas, users experience an environment created just for them or a more general cinema space so they can gain a clear insight into how these systems work. Showcased within this VR world are different screen sizes, system configurations, and how sound behaves in the space with mind-blowing software that shows how audio moves around a space and how technology can tame and control that sound. On experiencing the system, Ben Goff from CinemaLusso, comments, “Selling acoustics has always been tricky, we know it’s vitally important, but it can be tough to communicate. The ability to visualise room modes and how the subwoofer/seat locations interact will be a game changer.”

Demonstration Paradise

Kapes Patel, COO at Pulse Cinemas, says, “Since we opened our re-built home cinema demonstration spaces, we have been saying they are amongst, if not THE best in Europe. The Reference Cinema, Apartment Cinema, Media Room, reception area, in fact almost every inch of Pulse Cinemas HQ, now offers something impressive, but most importantly, achievable in your projects with our support and that of the accomplished brands that we work with.”

Working with the company’s in-house interior designer, The Reference cinema showcases that by using Vicoustic’s approach to acoustic treatment, installers cannot just create a room that performs well, but offers the interior design community a new opportunity. Removing the need to compromise for installers and design professionals, the aims of both can be united as Vicoustic delivers audio treatment and an interior design opportunity in one product. Performance wise, Alcons Audio is in alliance with its in-house Sentinel10 intelligent amplifiers, bringing the performance of the very best commercial cinema into the home. A Screen Research Décor Mask screen (with a striking image displayed when at rest) is partnered with Sim2’s HDR DUAL NERO 4S projection system.

Kapes argues, “If any install professionals have been waiting to be genuinely impressed by HDR, then you need to see these two systems in harmony together.”  

“After experiencing this at Pulse I have to say this was amazing. I was totally blown away,” says Kieran McGuire, Managing Director at 1 Install. A reaction that has been repeated many times over the course of the Open Days so far.

Still on the ground-floor, as well as hosting the Dream Engine VR experiences, visitors have been enjoying the Pulse Simulations driving sim experience in the Apartment Cinema. Simon says, “For driving mad customers, these sims offer a fantastically realistic experience with hundreds of ways to deliver different types of cars, tracks and simulated g-force too.” A growth area in home cinema has been the merging of multi-use living spaces with integrated AV. 

Simon argues, “The Media Room takes visitors inside that world and shows just how good it can be. This space gives Anthem and Paradigm a chance to show what they can do in a home cinema concept as well as showing how high-concept a media room can be. The media room offers two full blooded home cinema systems, people who experience this space understand that they can have it all, the interior design scheme and furnishings they want, with the best AV equipment also woven into the space.”

Visitors have also been enjoying the Sim2 Domino DTV S short-throw projector demo in the reception area which shows how well this concept, when partnered with Screen Research, can deliver high-performance even in high ambient light conditions.

The number of experiences on offer has been impressing many visitors with Luke Emmott, Managing Director of Modus Vivendi citing the VR Dream Engine as the most impressive thing about his visit, calling it, “A very useful tool that could prove invaluable for the right type of client.” Luke was also impressed with the cinema demos, saying, “Both very impressive, particularly hearing the ATMOS track which demonstrates the quality of the audio system in the Reference room particularly well.”

Dean Gledhill, Head of Custom Installation at Richer Sounds, also reports a very positive experience, “It was great just to physically meet the people I speak to on email/phone. I feel like I have a better understanding of the team and structure, and who to ask for help. It was clear to see that they’re a very professional, friendly team committed to helping integrators grow their projects, and they have an amazing venue to make sure that happens. I was blown away by the attention to detail of the whole facility.

“Both demonstration areas are a stunning sensory sensation! The media room is just a lovely place to relax and I can imagine everyone wishes it was their own living room. The Reference room is just incredible. It effortlessly achieves huge scale, dynamics and precision, whilst not being fatiguing to listen to.”

What about the VR? Dean says, “I haven’t come across a better way to convey design considerations to the end user. I’m really looking forward to using this on the next large project.”

Mike Beatty, Pulse Cinemas, CEO, sums up, “The Open Days have not just been about technology, all the visitors have enjoyed the friendly, family atmosphere we create here that is part of the Pulse Cinemas offering. From wonderful home cooked food, to a chance to just relax and explore new ideas have been a huge part of the Open Days and this will of course continue. The whole team is on hand, as well as key people from our brands, to facilitate the best and most informative experience possible.

“We are celebrating 20 years in business this year and it is my firm belief that one of the reasons we have not just survived but thrived, is because we communicate and this allows us to deliver services that keep us ahead of the curve. Come and see us and I am confident you will find something to take your business forward.”