First becoming part of the Pulse Cinemas offering in June of 2022, Tyba offers a fantastic take on home control via Turn 2 as well as agile and powerful multi-room music delivery via the Muse platform. This innovative company has steadily been adding new functionality and is now releasing a slew of new features to make both these platforms even more attractive. Find out more!

Many of the new functionalities were showcased at the recent ISE 2024, with installers packing out the stand to discover more! 

Before we get to the brand new release, it’s important to know that back in March of 2023 a major software upgrade was introduced for the popular Turn 2 controller. This high-quality, touch-control/rotating device offers tactile and intuitive access to home automation and via the March update included new media control allowing users to select a source, turn the room AV on/off and view metadata. This update also included improvements in lighting control so units can be configured as dimmable or switched per light and also introduced light scene delay enhancing accuracy of scene selection. A refresh on shading control means they can now be configured as positional or open/close per shade. This update also included support for internal temperature sensor offset adjustment and extended font support for more languages including Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Chinese and Arabic. Following this in April of 2023, RTI, joined Turn 2 integrations which already included Crestron, KNX and Control4.

New updates

Moving forward into this year, a major software update is due to come into force on February 12. This will include many new functionalities including Turn 2 being natively compatible with Sonos offering cover art and full integration with this popular platform. The update also includes a new UI design which sees the small dots at the bottom of the display on the Turn 2 screen replaced with as many as four icons which allow the user to jump straight to the function they want to control; lights, media, climate or shades for example. Users can still swipe the screen to transition between different functions, but this adds another way to navigate offering faster and more intuitive functionality. Whilst in each control category, the white button at the top of the screen activates dropdown menus for all of the control available in that part of the menu. Smooth transitions between each category add another level of luxury and ease of use. This update also includes native compatibility with the Crestron Home platform as well as the Cool Automation family of products increasing control options for these two popular platforms.

Also due for release/shipping folloing ISE 2024 is the Turn 2 Ethernet Bus Connector. A range of Bus Connectors already make installation easy, once installed, dealers simply connect Turn 2 using the magnetic mount and establish a physical connection with platforms such as Cresnet or KNX. The new Ethernet PoE Bus Connector is the perfect choice when using IP to integrate with Crestron, Control4, RTI or when using the REST API. We are already taking pre-orders for this unit so get in touch!

Also don’t forget the handy DC Power Bus Connector which is a good choice if the project only needs Turn 2 to connect over Wi-Fi and simply needs power.

Muse makes new friends

Last year the Muse Audio System, the powerful playback platform for streaming audio to a near endless number of Dante/AES67 end points, introduced the Muse D4. This product represents the company’s take on an entry level model, building on the success of the existing D16 and D64 models. The D4 is suited to smaller applications where all the functionality of Muse is required but at a lower stream count.

Joining this new hardware offering from March of this year, software advancements saw the inclusion of AirPlay 2 support for Muse. The platform already collated content from local files and integrated streaming services such as Deezer and TIDAL, with the addition of AirPlay 2 enabled for each and every stream, this extended the streaming capability of Muse even further. AirPlay 2 support has been added across the Muse D4, D16 and D64 models to provide a range of options for any sized application. For those really demanding projects, the Muse D64 can concurrently handle 64 zones of AirPlay 2 streaming.

While AirPlay 2 support can be enabled as an OTA software update for all models of Muse, it does require the MFi hardware authentication module. All new orders placed after March 1, 2023, included the MFi authentication module built in. If any dealers have an existing Muse system and would like to take advantage of AirPlay 2, get in contact to take advantage of this advancement in the system’s capabilities.

The updates do not end there however as Tidal Connect has will join the range of music services the platform is already compatible with after ISE. 

The whole team is really excited about the updates Tyba is introducing. Muse and Turn 2 are unique in the market and deliver luxury, and high-performance in a very compelling package.