The AVA Remote family has made a big impact in the smart home and home cinema market since the brand was first introduced to the UK last year. A strong showing at the Pulse Cinemas Open Days garnered lots of interest in the platform, which offers a 21st-century approach to smart home automation and intuitive user control, all wrapped in a highly attractive and ergonomic package.

The next chapter in this exciting story is about to be told as the Cinema Remote will begin shipping early in April, which coincides with some special activity including presence at the London leg of the CEDIA Tech + Business Summit (April 18), from company Founder and Chief Customer Officer Ted Haeger. Visitors to this event will be able to meet Ted and gain further insights into the advantages of specifying AVA Remotes. 

Special Events 

The London CEDIA Tech + Business Summit takes place between 09:30 - 17:00, at the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London, N1 0QH, interested parties can register here.

A further series of 'Ted Talks' will take place at different venues around the UK, see below for details, to register click the date and location that suits you best.  

Monday 15th April - Nimans, Manchester

Tuesday 16th April - Innovation House, Bracknell

Wednesday 17th April - Minotti, London

In these small-sized classroom events, attendees will learn the ins and outs of AVA OS and how to set it up on a Cinema Remote. This includes controlling devices by IP and IR, customising UIs, system design, how to use the AVA Nano Brain, setting up multi-room systems and how to mix AVA automation with native apps like Ring and Sonos. By the end of this three-hour technical session, you will have the know-how to win customers with the joy of AVA Cinema Remote.

Bonus item! the answer to the age-old question as to whether Americans are truly as inept at irony, sarcasm and understatement as they are rumoured to be. Ted’s sessions are hugely engaging and fun.

The AVA Family

Introduced last year and ready for shipping early April, the AVA Cinema Remote will revolutionise home entertainment experiences. This fully programmable remote based on the Android OS boasts a combination of a Dynamic Keypad and 3D physical touch interface. When users switch from one function to another, say listening to music, the dynamic keypad reconfigures automatically and instantly. Switch to TV and the commands needed appear in the same way. Macros are easy to create and configure, and it’s possible to launch a native app as part of a macro. Turn on a projector, power up an AVR, bring the house lights down, and launch the native Kaleidescape app, all with a single command. The remote is powerful enough to control one room or the whole home; configuration is all done right on the AVA Cinema Remote so no PC is needed. The product’s solid aluminium alloy body with a durable glass screen means ergonomics and durability are strong. With an 8-core processor, it's ready to tackle even the most complex setups and promises long battery life and robust performance.

Already established in the market, AVA Home represents the ultimate smart home remote. With its sleek design and powerful functionality, AVA puts complete control in the palm of each user’s hand. AVA offers access to the Google Play Store and compatibility with popular smart home platforms as well. Its high-density touchscreen, integrated speaker and microphone enable effortless navigation and voice control. Installers and end-users can choose from Black or Silver finishes to suit any aesthetic. Powered by a 4-Core, 2Ghz processor, combined with a 2200mAh battery ensures long-lasting and fast performance. The magnetic dock keeps AVA charged and ready for action.

Create awareness and connection to your brand!

Pulse Cinemas is continuing with a special offer of creating bespoke promotional videos connecting an installer’s brand with the AVA family. Showcase the cutting-edge AVA remote family personalised with your logo and company details. These special videos boost your online presence and captivate your audience on websites, social media, and email campaigns. Contact us today to learn more!