We at Pulse Cinemas and the Anthem team are thrilled by the overwhelming interest received, since introducing our new AVM and MRX series.
When launching products based on new technologies, and adding new key features, there are many challenges to overcome, not only from hardware but also software point of view.

Anthem have continued to keep us informed. This was their most recent update: ‘Unfortunately, the global pandemic has only added to our current delays by putting unexpected stresses on our global supply chain, forcing our initial target launch in the EU to be delayed.

The good news is the wait is almost over, with the current timeline set for late January/early February. Further positive news, is that our Canadian facilities have been busy building the new MCA Gen.2 and stocks are already en route to our European warehouse.’

Thank you again for your strong support and of course, your patience, whilst we work tirelessly to minimise the delays. We look forward to bringing these exciting new products into yours and your customer's hands.

We continue to accept orders for Anthem products arriving by sea; without the need of a deposit.
A majority of our air shipment, due in January, has been pre-sold, but we are pleased to announce a second order arriving by sea should follow shortly after. 

Please contact our team to ensure you order any needed stock as soon as you can. 
We are doing our best to second guess the popularity and demand of the new products, after an overwhelming amount of orders that followed the  announcement of the new range.

Thanks again for your continued support - we really appreciate your business.

Kind Regards 

Mike Beatty - Managing Director