On Saturday, 18th May, Elite Audio hosted an exciting event to demonstrate the performance differences between various streaming audio sources. To ensure listeners could fully appreciate the subtle nuances between devices, they selected the Paradigm Persona 3F speakers in the stunning Carbon Black finish. Attendees were amazed by the huge soundstage, incredible midrange, and dynamic range these compact speakers produce.

In a second room, Elite Audio showcased an aspirational system that delivers high-end quality at a more accessible price point. The Paradigm Founder 120H large floor standers were chosen for their hybrid design and Anthem Room Correction system. Despite their size, these speakers, equipped with three 8” bass units and built-in 1kW power amps, performed exceptionally well in a compact room driven by a low-output valve amplifier. The result was exceptionally deep, clean bass and dynamic sound, with listeners praising the sweet and effortless audio quality.

Additionally, Elite Audio displayed the Founder 40B with J29 stands, Persona B on B29 stands, and the Anthem STR Integrated amplifier.

The event was a resounding success, with great weather (a pleasant surprise in Scotland), positive feedback from attendees, delicious wood-fired pizza, and a fantastic effort from the Elite Audio team.