The already popular Sim2 Trade In Programme has now been extended to include any 4K models of other projector brands!

For any trade in of an old 4K projector, you will receive £10,000 towards replacing it with a NERO4S Gold Series.

This fantastic offer will give you the opportunity to upgrade a tired Sony, JVC or other brand of projector, which were launched at a time when 4K was in its infancy and had not attained the stability of current 4K HDMI products.

With the dramatically superior Sim2 Nero4S Gold Series, you will benefit from the high brightness, perfect HDR processing, high definition lens and the DCI colorimetry that the Sim2 Nero4S Gold Series has to offer.

Please note that this offer is only available for orders placed before 27th March 2020.

To experience the stunning picture performance of the Sim2, please contact your dealer. If you haven’t a local installer, contact Pulse Cinemas directly, so we can introduce you. We will ensure you’re supported in Integrating this perfect picture upgrade