The Pulse Cinemas Main Demo Cinema enters new era of high-performance with the addition of Trinnov WaveForming technology supported by a new array of Krix home cinema speakers. Come and experience it for yourself!

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Mike Beatty, Pulse Cinemas, CEO, explains, “When we first opened our demonstration space at company HQ here in Stansted, we promised that we would offer installers the chance to experience the very best in home cinema performance delivering the chance to inspire customers with something they have never experienced before. In this latest development we continue to make good on that promise by adding new cutting-edge Trinnov WaveForming technology in our Main Cinema as well as some other top additions to the equipment line up.”

Kapes Patel, Pulse Cinemas, COO, adds, “Trinnov made a big impact at ISE in 2023 with the launch of this new bass audio technology and we are proud to be the first UK demonstration space to include it. Bass is one of the hardest things to get right in any home cinema project and this advancement delivers a level of accuracy, clarity and believability never experienced before.

“The Pulse Cinemas team have been working hard to install the new technology from Trinnov, a fresh array of Krix high-performance speakers and subwoofers, Surge X protection and power conditioning and a new MadVR Envy Extreme MKII video processor for added visual impact. We also added more Vicoustic Wavewood Ultra Lite panels for added diffusion in the ceiling, rear and side walls around the seating area to provide the right platform for the new set up. The system has also been calibrated by David Meyerowitz Technical Sales Manager – International at Trinnov. We have been very impressed with the results. The key thing about WaveForming is that it gives already great products, even more chance to show what they can do. We are delighted to announce it is now ready to experience, so get in touch and make an appointment today!”

What is WaveForming?

WaveForming is a new advancement which deals with the issue of room modes/standing waves within a cinema by ensuring they never happen in the first place. Audio for home cinema should create a flat and uniform acoustic response over the entire listening area. The main challenge to achieving this rests with controlling the low frequencies (below 100Hz). The acoustic field within these frequencies is dominated by the modal behaviour of the room, this introduces large differences between the acoustic pressure across the listening area due to minimum and maximum impact created by modal behaviour. The reflections and long decay times of these room modes hide much of the dynamics and detail available in the audio track.

By using WaveForming it becomes possible to recreate lower frequencies with incredible accuracy, bass sounds no longer rumble, last too long or sound muddy. A clap of thunder and a lightning strike feel like they are in the room, explosions are tight and impactful but not muddled and confusing, a gunshot delivers punch and accuracy and is not just a loud noise. In short WaveForming brings realism to lower frequencies and underpins the audio of a movie, concert or sporting occasion like never before.

How does it work?

Trinnov has combined a new algorithm and accompanying design guidelines to deliver WaveForming. The technology uses multiple subwoofers on the front and back walls with location determined by the room dimensions and the desired bandwidth coverage. A larger number of subwoofers will generally give stronger performance, but the technology also offers flexibility in the number and placement of subwoofers.

WaveForming is achieved using two main steps within the technology.

Firstly, the acoustic field is evaluated within a volume surrounding and throughout the listening space. This step retrieves the necessary information about the modal behaviour of the room so the algorithm can eliminate any unwanted contributions. This is achieved by sampling the acoustic field in a three-dimensional grid of microphone positions within the room.

Step two involves the WaveForming processor within the Trinnov Altitude32 calculating the necessary filters to apply to each subwoofer and applying these filters to eliminate the modal signature of the room. The filters applied ensure the generation of the tightest and most uniform wavefront possible, while the filters applied to all the subwoofers collectively absorb most of the room reflections and resonances.

What is great here is that all of the work to get to this level is done within the system itself, and once installers learn the basics of how to set the system up, great results are achieved. There is of course the opportunity for experienced dealers to use their knowledge to add to the power of this system and create truly bespoke systems for each customer.

Kapes enthuses, “Even in a dedicated space like ours there can be compromises. We have found the low ceiling in our Reference Cinema a challenge in getting the audio to deliver for the whole room. With the new products combined with WaveForming, the audio delivers a better spread right across the room with the back of the cinema enjoying better performance than ever before. Also, don’t forget with a really tight bass performance delivered by WaveForming, the higher frequencies also enjoy more precision and clarity as the ears do not have to spend time trying to sort out unclear bass sounds.

“It is rare that a piece of new home cinema technology comes along that impresses to this level. We will of course be providing full training and support for installers, but the first step is to come and experience it for yourself, we know you are going to be impressed and will want to be involved.”

Main Cinema Updated Equipment List

Trinnov Altitude 32

2 x Trinnov Amplitude 16

Extra Vicoustic Wavewood Ultra Lite acoustic panels

Krix 3 x Theatrix Front L/C/R

Krix 8 x Cyclonix 18 Subwoofers in WaveForming configuration

Krix 12 x Hyperphonix A45 surrounds

Krix 8 x  Height channels: 2 x  IC-52, 20 degree fixed angle, 6 x  IC-50 standard in-ceiling

SurgeX power conditioning

MadVR Envy Extreme MK2 video processor