Our company MD, Mike Beatty, explains how added value for home cinema installers working with the company does not just mean great products, technical support and training, it means increased exposure too as we build a new platform to promote the expertise of our installation partners.


During the recent COVID-19 situation, we as an industry and a nation have learned the true value of supporting each other to deliver a desired goal. True, none of these ideas are new, and at Pulse Cinemas we have always placed huge importance on supporting our brands and our dealers to deliver the results we all want; great projects, happy customers and strong business. However, the last few months have underlined that we can always do more and together we are stronger, no matter what the desired end result is.

At Pulse Cinemas we have always tried to deliver true added value by finding and supplying the best home cinema brands in the market, delivering top-class training and building a world-class demonstration facility. At the time it was unprecedented in the UK and it was a serious undertaking not just in terms of time, but investment too. Spin forward to the now and our ambitious company HQ has completely paid off, our demonstration areas show potential customers what can be done and allow installers and our own staff to inspire customers to demand and want more from their projects.

Not content with supplying these platforms, we are now creating a new initiative to assist dealers in inspiring and enthusing customers old and new, but this time in the digital world.



We have just rebuilt the entire back end of our website to make it fit for the 21st century and offer more functionality and a better platform for our dealers and their work.

One of the main things we wanted to achieve with this new initiative was to create a way that dealers could build a profile and gain exposure on the site by featuring their news and, most importantly, their projects. Our Home Cinema Case Study section has been created solely for this purpose, so installers who are predominantly using Pulse Cinemas ‘ingredients’ in their projects, can have a place to publicise their work and get the benefit of the resources we are putting into this part of our support. So, you still have to create your own case studies to get on the site right? No, we have a team of professional writers and social media operatives to create your case studies, publish them on our website and promote via social media. We will even come and photograph them for you, so they look at their very best.

Once the case study is created, it’s yours to use as you see fit. Publish it on your own site, with a link back to the Pulse website, or create physical versions of them for flyers or brochures for leaflet drops or handing out at events. Our connections in the world of consumer publishing also mean that there is often a good chance of projects being picked up for publication by respected titles such as Home Cinema Choice.

Support for every aspect of your business

Our ability to support dealers does not end with case studies - our lively and regularly updated news section is standing ready to publish stories and news about our dealers. Have you been to a particularly successful event? Tell us about it. Have you company news to share, new recruits? A new showroom that has just been completed? Anything that adds to your story, we want to hear about. The same team of writers and online professionals will create the story for you and promote it via the new Pulse Cinemas website. The more a dealer gets involved, the more their profile will grow on the site and the more publicity they will receive.

That awareness is also being worked on in other ways. In addition to creating stories and promoting them, the Pulse team has been on a major drive growing the organic SEO of our site by increasing the collaboration we achieve with our partner brands. Sharing content, linking back to each other’s sites and sharing ideas to create new types of content will deliver huge benefits for everyone involved.

At Pulse Cinemas, our job is to support you, the dealer, and we are constantly striving to find new ways to do that. Our website is just the latest platform that stands ready to help you promote your work and gain more projects into the bargain! Get in touch and find out how we collaborate and create better projects together.