In another exciting brand addition, we have added the power conditioning and performance improving range from UK manufacturer, IsoTek.

The recent past for Pulse Cinemas has us add several new high-performance brands to our portfolio, creating the strongest line of products the company has ever offered.

The next logical step was to add a way to take all these brands to the next level by delivering the best power conditioning and AV equipment performance improving products available – and we have done just that with the addition of IsoTek.

This highly accomplished UK manufacturer creates a whole range of solutions, with the aim of delivering the most stable electrical power possible to all the equipment in a home cinema or Hi-Fi installation, enabling those products to take their performance to the next level. The products also protect AV equipment from power surges or spikes and extend the lifespan of the customer’s valuable electronic components.

IsoTek’s mantra is that the first input into any system is the electricity; as without quality there, any cinema or AV system will not perform to the correct level. Without IsoTek, systems will only be accessing around 80% of their full potential.

This is especially true today, as ‘differential mode noise’ in a building’s electrical systems is especially exacerbated by the switch-mode power supplies that are common in many modern devices.

Items such as computers, kitchen appliances, mobile phones, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth products all contribute interreference. The electricity supply which flows through every component in an AV system or cinema, and ultimately delivers the experience to the user, needs to be clean and free from interference to let the magic happen.

IsoTek has a whole range of high-performance and carefully engineered products to help installers do just that – cleaning up the power, protecting the equipment and making every system the best it can be.

The company’s founder and managing director is Keith Martin, a man whose vision has led to hundreds of awards from respected audio critics worldwide.

Keith’s experience in this field is second to none, enabling the company to continually add to its range, covering every aspect of power protection and conditioning for today’s AV and home cinema market.

IsoTek products currently service more than 100,000 customers in over 45 countries and have been recognised with many accolades from specialist audio and AV publications around the globe. All IsoTek products are designed in the UK, manufactured in Europe and built to last.

The IsoTek range is designed to deliver the perfect solution for every budget, organised into four ranges to deliver a clear upgrade path: Discovery Series, Performance Series, Select Series and Ultimate Series.

Recent developments include a new version of the Nova mains conditioner, designed to create the ultimate single-box clean power component to service large, multi-component audio and AV systems.

Immediate improvement

Performance improvements with the addition of IsoTek are immediate.

As the noise floor drops, the audio gains greater focus, with reduced grain and improved clarity. Bass is tighter and more defined, treble gains more space and ‘air’, and the overall musical performance is more solid and dynamic, and hence more lifelike. In AV systems, picture quality is similarly enhanced, with richer colours, improved depth and greater definition.

Kapes Patel, technical director at Pulse Cinemas, explains, “Involved as I am day-to-day with the performance of AV systems and cinemas, I am especially delighted to have this brand join our line-up. Protecting equipment and delivering clean power to promote high-performance is the first step to creating the right environment for projects to really reach their potential. Pulse Cinemas dealers can now plan their projects with us, safe in the knowledge that every angle of power protection and conditioning is covered.”


The history and the future

 IsoTek was created with a single purpose in mind; to create a better solution to the problem of poor mains quality, which restricts the performance of AV systems, through rigorous research and genuine innovation.

Today, IsoTek’s products supply clean, fully optimised power to all manner of audio and AV equipment, from amps and source components to TVs and projectors, enhancing performance and protecting valuable equipment.

What customers see and hear is ultimately fashioned from, and by, mains electricity – it is the ‘raw material’ from which the ‘art’ is created. IsoTek provides the best possible pallet from which to create the images and sound you want your customers to experience.

Now, the whole industry can experience IsoTek systems at EI Live! Pulse Cinemas’ exciting line-up for the show will include the first chance to showcase this new deal and learn more about this fantastic brand. Witness for yourself the power of the IsoTek brand at EI Live! (April 30-May 1) at the show’s new home, the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre. Get to the show’s website and register at the show's official site here.