Anthem, a hugely popular provider of premium audio equipment, has announced the launch of the MRX SLM, the ultimate space-saving solution designed for seamless custom integration into a myriad of different projects.

Anthem has built a solid reputation for the power, precision and control delivered by its family of AV processing and amplification products. The reach of these qualities has just been improved still further with a stealthy device that enables installers to place an Anthem product in compact and fully integrated spaces.  

With its sleek design, exceptional sound quality and unwavering reliability, the MRX SLM sets a new standard for audio devices in the industry. Recognising the growing need for smaller ‘at source’ processors, the MRX SLM solves a longstanding challenge faced by integrators – finding the ideal placement for the receiver.

Anthem says this new audio device answers the question, ‘Where do I put my receiver?’ with an elegant and efficient solution. Boasting a compact form factor that is a fraction of the size of traditional AV receivers, the MRX SLM integrates into any entertainment system, offering installers the freedom to create clean and clutter-free designs without compromising audio performance, says Anthem.

John Soden, Vice President – PML Sound International, says, “Expanding from the success of our MRX x40 and AVM models, the MRX SLM presents an outstanding solution for our partners. It effectively addresses a key challenge by offering custom integrators a great way to save space without sacrificing audio quality. The SLM enables our partners to deliver excellent audio experiences while enhancing the visual appeal of their setups.”

Anthem’s Managing Director, John Bagby, further emphasises, “The demand for efficient and space-saving solutions in the custom integrator market has never been higher. With the MRX SLM, Anthem is meeting this need head-on by delivering a product that offers unmatched performance, flexibility, and ease of integration. This device is a must-have for integrators who strive to provide their customers with the best audio experiences while maintaining a sleek and visually appealing environment.”

Kapes Patel, Pulse Cinemas Business Development and Technical Director, adds, “We are delighted to be able to offer our customers this new innovation from Anthem. It adds a whole load of new placement possibilities whilst keeping the same level of quality Anthem has built its reputation on.” 

MRX SLM Audio Quality

Anthem’s commitment to uncompromising audio quality shines through in the MRX SLM. Despite its slim profile, this receiver has been created to deliver outstanding performance, including elevated surround sound and high-fidelity audio. With HDMI connectivity and support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, the MRX SLM ensures a fully up to date audio experience with strong clarity.

To make the listening experience even better, the MRX SLM offers various options for enjoying favourite music streaming services. Through Spotify Connect, AirPlay, Chromecast built-in and Bluetooth streaming, users can listen to music from phone, tablet, or laptop. The premium DACs from Anthem ensure that favourite music sounds clean, detailed, and dynamic.

Installers and customers can also benefit from the brand’s in-room correction technology ARC Genesis. The latest version works with many ARC-enabled Anthem or Paradigm products, including the MRX SLM. ARC Genesis offers a range of features designed to transform the listening experience. With support for both Mac and Windows, and new target curve adjustment options for deep bass and high frequencies, installers can fine-tune each system to the customer’s preferences.

MRX SLM Agility

Flexibility is key with the MRX SLM. Its slim design allows for versatile placement options, empowering installers to unleash their creativity in setup arrangements while maintaining strong audio performance. The unit can be discreetly hidden from view, delivering powerful sound that captivates without compromising aesthetics.

The MRX SLM represents a significant leap forward in the audio industry, providing integrators with a transformative solution to their most pressing challenge. Its compact size, advanced features and reliability make it the ideal choice for custom integrators seeking to deliver superior audio experiences while maximising space utilisation. The product will be available from both Invision and Pulse Cinemas team and with stock arriving very soon, start planning your next project with the MRX SLM in mind.

Key Features Of The MRX SLM 

  • Space-saving design without compromising sonic performance.
  • 5-channel amplifier with 50W per channel, continuous power into 8 ohms.
  • HDMI connectivity, with HDMI 2.0b eARC, HDCP 2.3
  • Flexible placement options for seamless integration into any system.
  • Platform Agnostic Streaming (AirPlay, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth)
  • Enhanced integration features with robust IP control capabilities, including Control Drivers for major automation systems.
  • ARC Genesis software, offers advanced features and target curve adjustment options for deep bass and high frequencies.
  • Included mounting bracket. Rackmount is sold separately.