A new exclusive demonstration opportunity in the heart of London’s design district has been created via a partnership between Pulse Cinemas and Italian furniture design house Minotti.

 Our mission at Pulse Cinemas is not just to find the world’s best brands to supply and support for our dealers, but also to develop innovative ways and new partners to deliver as much added value as possible.

With this in mind, we are delighted to announce a fresh partnership with one of the most exclusive and stylish furniture showrooms in the capital, Minotti London.

Our dealers and partners will be able to take clients to experience Pulse Cinemas ingredients woven into a specific area of the Minotti showroom populated by the most exquisitely designed furniture. The aim of the collaboration is to show how our technology can fit seamlessly into the most sophisticated environments available.  

Minotti is an Italian company with a long and solid reputation at international level as the perfect expression of what ‘Made in Italy’ really means. Delivering high-quality furniture design matching a ‘classic-modern’ lifestyle in the residential or hospitality segments, there are few companies that can match Minotti’s flare for creating luxurious and relaxing living environments, in short, the perfect partner for Pulse Cinemas.

Starting as a small scale family artisan concern in the late 1940’s in Italy, the company has grown to be one of the most respected in its field and its London showroom has been a mecca for those concerned with stylish, eye-catching and luxurious furniture since it opened in February 2009 in the West End of London. Expanded in 2016 to include a second floor, the elegantly designed Margaret Street space showcases Minotti’s most recent collections, alongside pivotal pieces from two decades of collections coordinated by internationally renowned furniture designer Rodolfo Dordoni.

Just like the Pulse Cinemas team, Minotti offers a complete bespoke service, with fully trained interior designers that understand the needs of private clients and architects alike.

The demonstration of luxury

Recently completed and ready to interact with, the Pulse Cinemas demonstration area offers a slick combination of some of the finest AV brands to provide visitors to the showroom a real insight into just how well high-performance AV can fit into the most contemporary of environments. A fixed 90in Screen Research screen is combined with the latest short-throw projection system from Sim2, its recently updated xTV concept, working in perfect harmony with Paradigm Persona speakers. These are a great match for the showroom due to the wide range of colour options available on these models and here the Persona’s are colour matched to the luxury sofas that form a major part of the room set. The xTV model on show is the table-top version completely at home on the Italian cabinetry used in the room.

An Anthem STR integrated amplifier brings the power and control needed and a Kaleidescape Strato S content and movie server provides the eye-popping images to go with the awesome sound. An IsoTek Sigmas collects, cleans and delivers the power to the rest of the AV set up ensuring the equipment is not just protected, but given the chance to reach its full potential. Completing the project, IsoTek Elite cables keep all the kit connected.

All of this high-performance AV combined with this inspiring design centre nestling the heart of wealthy West London, stands ready for Pulse Cinemas dealers to use to show their clients just how well our technology, combined with the most luxurious and stylish of interiors, is the last word in AV demonstration in the capital. Call us and find out more.

Featured Kit List

Screen Research 90in FS3 Fixed Screen

Sim2 xTV

Persona 9H Speakers  

Paradigm STR Integrated

Kaleidescape Strato S

Isotek Sigmas

Isotek Elite Cables