By Jordan O'Brien for CE Pro

Pulse Cinemas is all set to hold a range of THX Certified Professional Video Systems Calibration Workshops at its headquarters in Stansted. These sessions represent an ideal opportunity for installers to learn the various techniques involved with calibrating a number of displays, projectors, high-end video processors, and Blu-ray players from some of the brightest in the industry.

The THX Certified Professional Video Systems Calibration Workshop is available as either a one, three or four-day course. The course comprises of workshop focused exercises on the first day, followed by two full days of supervised, hands-on practice. The fourth day will then be completely focused on THX HDR.

During the interactive session, installers will be working with professional calibration equipment from manufacturers such as Minolta, Photo Research, Lumagen, Gretag MacBeth, Quantum Data, JETI, and Murideo. In addition, they will receive hands-on training on more than a dozen different displays including, LED and OLED panels, DLP LCOS and LCD projectors (with and without an anamorphic lens), various high-end video processors, and multiple high-end Blu-Ray and UHD players – all loaded with the latest HD and SD test discs.

The courses vary in price with a special offer available for those who take out the three or four-day package. Those wishing to just take advantage of THX video level one will be required to pay £525.99 for the opportunity, while level two, which requires level one and is held across two days, is priced at £1370. Special offer pricing for both level one and level two stands at £1700, representing a saving of £195.99.

Anyone wishing to reach THX level three have two options. Those who have already reached THX level one and two may want to simply pay £560 for the standalone THX HDR course, meaning they’ll skip the rest of the training. Those who want all four days, however, can pay £2,130 for the opportunity. That’s a sizeable saving of £325.99 over paying for each course. 


  • All prices exclude VAT.
  • The THX Certified Professional Video Systems Workshop is set to begin on October 17 and run until October 20, 2017.
  • Those wishing to attend should contact Pulse Cinemas as soon as possible, as spaces are limited. 
  • All course material, lunch, snacks and drinks are included in the cost of the workshop.