By Daniel J Sait for CE Pro

Over recent weeks over 60 smart home dealers have benefited from a full programme of Kaleidescape training, courtesy of Pulse Cinemas.

With the first session taking place at Datasat HQ in the UK and then Dolby HQ in London’s Soho, Andy Jones, director of sales for Pulse Cinemas explains: “It’s an introduction to the Kaleidescape product range, helping to explain why dealers should be selling Kaleidescape over streaming services.

“In addition we also review key things to consider when specifying Kaleidescape systems in order to provide end-users with the very best experience.”

As far as the main aims of the course are concerned, Andy explains: “One of the main points we want to get across to dealers is that if they wish to install the very best home cinemas, they need to be installing Kaleidescape as no other system provides a solution for offering true bit for bit content to the TVs throughout your property.

“This allows clients to experience the very best audio and video available, along with all the content held on the disc (Director’s commentaries etc.) Additionally Kaleidescape offers all of the above without ANY buffering via a truly scalable system offering clients the ultimate flexibility.”

One of the course attendees was Rufus Greenway, MD of Sound Environment Ltd.

Rufus explains: “The reason for me attending the Kaleidoscope training and conference organised by Pulse was to re-acquaint myself with Kaleidescape’s position in the market after the recent rulings and changes to the way the system now works.

This was a very successful event for (..all the..) technical benefits and up and coming additional films being added at the other big film studio’s to allow their films to be added to the Kaleidoscope movie store.

Rufus adds: “For me there are several reasons for selling Kaleidescape. Reliability, the system is rock solid for control and playback, also the system offers proper ‘uncompressed’ playback of the image and the audio, making the picture and sound a priority, this puts it head and shoulders above movie streaming systems.

“If you look at every serious CEDIA awards systems, the image on the screens always shows the Kaleidescape Operating system, which is a joy to use and navigate to favourite films. Also there are no adverts or trailers, FBI messages, ect, it just starts at the beginning of the movie, life’s too short for all that stuff.”

So what if installers missed out, are there opportunities to attend a course in the future?

Andy explains: “We’ll be waiting until after CEDIA US before holding the next course as we believe Kaleidescape will have some exciting news at CEDIA, so stayed tuned to CE Pro Europe and Essential Install Magazine for more news.”