A message to all Pulse Cinemas dealers from our company MD Mike Beatty

In the 18 years of Pulse Cinemas, like you all, we have never experienced a time like this, but our team is as prepared as we can be for what’s to come.

Kapes (Patel, Technical Director) and I have always managed the company carefully, so I’m happy to report that the finances in the business remain strong. It’s because of this that we believe we can ride out, what we all know, will be a particularly harsh storm for us all.

We have plenty of stock in our UK warehouse in Stansted and our manufacturing partners are shipping as usual. These products can all be sent to you at a moment’s notice, via our logistics companies, or if necessary, the team will do its very best to deliver directly to you or your client’s homes.

Our sales, technical and accounts teams are in place to assist you as before. With your continued support, we plan to keep all of our staff employed. FYI the majority of the team, excluding logistics, are now preparing to work from home at a moment’s notice.

Our showroom remains open and ready for client demos if required; even though we understand those requirements will be limited in the current circumstances.

Our staff will be fully up to speed on maintaining a healthy environment and any necessary service or sales calls will be carried out under our strict guidelines. 

We ask that you support us, as we will support you and your business during these challenging times. 

We wish you, your companies and your families the best of health; and assure you that our team is on standby to help you in any way possible, (whilst doing everything we can to limit the spread of the virus)

... And that includes a chat to break from the monotony of possible isolation. 

Much love to you all at this challenging time. 

Mike and Kapes