Known for our high-quality brands, training and support for the home cinema and automation categories, Pulse Cinemas and our partners were on point to underline the offerings we can deliver into the two-channel sector at the recent UK Hi-Fi Show Live.

Moving to a new home this year at the Grandstand, Ascot Racecourse, this well-established and well attended consumer facing show aims to showcase the world's finest Hi-Fi, with ambitions to expand our presence in this sector, Pulse Cinemas was keen to be involved.

There are few pleasures in AV better than a high-quality stereo system immersing the listener in a wonderful sound stage of their favourite music. If stereo, Hi-Fi, two-channel, whatever you want to call it, is not something you currently have as part of your offering, then we strongly suggest it’s time to consider it and if you already do deliver these types of systems, our presence at the show was designed to highlight that we deliver some of the very best around.

At the show, Pulse Cinemas was present in two rooms of high-class audio demonstrations, combining the power of IsoTek, Anthem AV and Paradigm.

In Box 506 visitors were presented with a two-channel demonstration which combined specifically the abilities of the Anthem STR pre-amp, Paradigm Persona 9H speakers, Vicoustic room treatment and IsoTek power conditioning and projection.

Delivering controlled, precise audio that can adapt to any environment, this combination went down extremely well with visitors who were able to appreciate just how good these products are and how well they combine as a group.

The brilliant Keith Martin, MD and founder of IsoTek, was conducting the demonstrations throughout the show; able to inspire visitors with his infectious enthusiasm and unrivaled knowledge of how sound actually works. 


Of course, he was also able to provide special insight into precisely how IsoTek cannot just protect systems, but improve their performance by eliminating the in-system power pollution which prevents products from reaching their full potential. With IsoTek included the rest of the system has clean air to breath, can really fill its lungs and deliver a performance that any audiophile, or those new to the joys of high-quality sound, will appreciate.

The Anthem STR family is based on a platform designed to offer genuine benchmark stereo amplification. The products deliver the power, control and connection options needed to satisfy any two-channel requirement.

Working with the Anthem were a pair of Paradigm Persona 9Hs. These high-performance speakers don’t need a subwoofer to partner them, being able to deliver enough bass on their own. Occupying the flagship position in Paradigm’s range, these speakers have all the benefits of this company’s world-class design approaches and manufacturing processes. 

The Persona 9Hs are the most advanced, highest-performing loudspeaker the company has ever produced. The other great trick the speakers have up their sleeve, is that for design conscious customers, the speakers can also be personalised, coming in many different colour combinations; they really do look as good as they sound, well, almost. Other brands taking part in the demo included Atlas Cables and a top end music server from Innuos.

Miguel Soto, New Business Development Manager, Pulse Cinemas, was on patch throughout the show and was delighted with the way visitors reacted to the demonstration. “Stereo systems offer a big opportunity to installers. You already have the right customer base, it’s just a case of making sure you offer it as part of your line up. We have some truly wonderful products to keep fans of stereo or listening only environments happy. With the Pulse Cinemas brands, we can match or exceed the performance of anything out there, so if you want to offer more in this sector, just let us know.”


Power under control

Next door in Box 505 IsoTek took centre stage showing other examples of how its ability to protect and enhance performance is a vital ingredient in every music or home cinema system.

Visitors were able to get full information on the EISA award-winning Delta series, part of the SMART Power family.

A 2U (89mm) high, rack width unite, the Delta offers sixteen C14 IEC output sockets along with RS232 via traditional and USB ports, a LAN Ethernet port for Wi-Fi control and antenna supporting wireless connection.

Delta reduces differential and common mode mains noise, with each output socket independently cleaned, avoiding mains noise cross contamination between connected electronics. Delta delivers a meaty 54,000A protection from power surges and spikes.

Also in this room, IsoTek showcased the rest of the SMART Power range, which consists of the Alpha, Delta and Theta families.

Stereo systems are back in a big way, in truth they never left, but as the convenience of digital delivery systems can now marry with high-performance products like never before. There simply is no reason why installers should not be offering this as an option. Get in touch and find out more!.