Pulse Cinemas recently welcomed EI to company HQ for a full catch-up interview. Chatting to Mike Beatty, company MD and Kapes Patel, Technical Director, the aim was to throw a rope around everything that has been happening at Pulse Cinemas in recent months. With brand additions, the formation of new divisions, demonstration space updates, a social media output revolution and the addition of new sales staff, there was loads to talk about. The article is reproduced here with the kind permission of the EI team.

Mike and Kapes have now been partners for almost 20 years - one of the most enduring and successful partnerships in the industry. This experienced duo have driven the company forward to where it is today, focusing on their clearly defined roles and forever searching for new products and brands to offer, also identifying new ways to support and promote their installation partners.

Mike says, “After what has been an unpredictable year where decisions had to be made to protect our company; we are delighted to announce that we are now back in a position to re-employ and add additional staff to our already impressive team. Whilst the country was in lockdown; resulting in our showrooms being closed, our sales staff only being able to use our social media and phone/video calls to communicate with our dealers, we used this time to massively improve the infrastructure of our company and look for ways to streamline the efficiency of every department and process.”

Mike explains, “Whilst still under full lock-down we began by adding a brand-new barcoding system, CRM and a full ecommerce shopping cart for dealers to purchase with ease on-line. This more technologically advanced approach frees our own staff up to perform other important tasks and spend more quality time with customers. The purchasing experience for our dealers has also been totally transformed, moving from a more ‘analogue’ approach to a fully modern, computerised, experience that saves time and makes the whole process far more slick. The ecommerce facility also allows dealers to search for stock, see what is available, look at pricing and even their own credit status within the system. With less time spent on ordering, more time can be spent having those conversations with our team that takes projects to the next level!”

Since moving to its facility in 2011, Pulse Cinemas has been known for providing dealers with impressive demonstration facilities. The space has evolved over the years to offer three separate cinema experiences, the Reference Cinema, the Apartment Cinema and the Media Room, as well as smart home demonstration spaces contained in the reception, lounge areas and the training room. In the last few months all the main cinema demonstration areas have been overhauled.

Kapes enthuses, “We were determined to up our game and have undeniably the best home cinema demonstration space in the UK and one of the best available anywhere full stop. The Reference cinema now offers the killer combination of StormAudio’s MK2 processing with Alcons Audio speakers, a proven partnership that is going to blow people away when they experience them together.

“The Reference cinema also features the SIM2 HDR Dual System. If you have been waiting to see just what HDR can bring to cutting edge cinema, you must see this system in operation. Specifically designed to get the best from HDR, it’s just the most impressive image we have seen, ever. The Reference cinema also enjoys sumptuous new comfort from Fortress Seating and a new Screen Research set up.”

Kapes continues, “The Apartment cinema has always been about showing what can be achieved in a compact space and it does that even more effectively now featuring Sim2’s Domino 4 projector, a Screen Research 100in E-Mask screen and a Kaleidescape Strato 4K all presented via Anthem processing and amplification partnering Paradigm speakers. 

“Upstairs in the Media Room, we show what can be done when high-performance hidden cinema systems meet cutting edge interior design. People are always impressed with how we combine technology with furnishings in this space. Tuned and updated, it’s better than ever. Book your date to come and see us as soon as you can.” This room now features Sim2’s Crystal Super Hybrid Laser 4K projector and a Screen Research 110in Décor screen with Lateral Masking. The integrated home cinema in this space features Screen Research with Décor Mask, Sim2 XTV, Anthem MRX740 processor and Paradigm speaker packages. A Kaleidescape system is also  in place and the whole room is controlled with RTI.

Demonstration spaces off site has been part of the Pulse Cinemas offering for some years now. The very latest initiative here takes the concept to a new level, with a fully integrated home cinema system contained in the prestigious surroundings of Minotti London, a luxurious furniture showroom in central London.

Mike explains, “A part of the Pulse Cinemas approach has always been to work with other companies and brands with similar standards of care and aligned customer groups to ourselves. Minotti is a great example of this, a family run firm that produces some of the most classic and timeless furniture designs you will ever see, packed full of Italian knowhow and flare. Minotti London is the company’s UK showroom and we are delighted to partner with them to produce a space where installers and their customers can experience just how well home cinema fits into the best home interiors available.”

The integrated home cinema in this space features Screen Research with Décor Mask, Sim2 XTV, Anthem MRX740 processor and Paradigm speaker packages. A Kaleidescape system is also in place and the whole room is controlled with RTI.


More exciting news is ahead, created as the company looks to expand its sales power with the addition of three new team members. One of the new Positions created includes that of Sales Administrator, allowing the team to spend more time proactively supporting their network of dealer/installers with demonstrations or on-site visits if needed. The other two positions are a Northern Account Manager and Southern Account Manager.

For the North, Kapes and Mike have been looking for a suitable representative, who will give Pulse a firmer foothold in this area providing existing and new Pulse Cinemas customers with the support they deserve. The new Southern Account Manager will spend time visiting dealers and developing business opportunities. These positions are in the process of being filled and Pulse Cinemas promises to announce the successful candidates as soon as the process is complete.

The additions to Pulse Cinemas do not end there however, two brand new divisions have been added to the group; Pulse Creative Solutions and Pulse Simulations. “Existing as separate entities, but within the Pulse ‘Group’ these initiatives take the company in totally new and exciting directions,” says Mike. “Pulse Creative Solutions is responsible for creating all of the impressive social media output we now deliver, which includes specially created and in-house produced videos for our regular Terrific Tuesday, Sofa Sessions or Schino’s Kitchen interview series. Pulse Creative Solutions has also been set up to provide the same level of multi-media support to other non-conflicting companies that exist in the high-end luxury sector. 

Pulse Simulations is the brain-child of Sales Manager Simon Schino, who explains, “This is about delivering the best racing simulation systems in the UK. We have our demo unit now installed at Pulse HQ. More information about this exciting development will follow, but suffice to say for now, if you have customers who want the best racing simulation experience of their lives, talk to us and we will put you firmly in the driving seat.” 

So, a very busy time for the company to say the least. Mike sums up, “It’s all very well talking about imaginative support for dealers, but at Pulse, we don’t just talk about support and innovation, we do it. We are confident that our mix of improved sales processes, demonstration space updates, staff additions, increased social media effort and support for our dealers puts us out in front when it comes to giving dealers truly what they need. Talk to us, come and see us and we are confident you will agree.”