Newsletter bulletin
- January / February 2020 -

ISE 2020 being only a few days away and having opened pre-orders for our MK2 line, these topics are obviously the key focus of this newsletter. 
We hope to see you in Amsterdam and send our thoughts to all our chinese and asian friends who had to cancel their trip because of the epidemic.
Read below for more details!

All the best, 
the StormAudio team

Be ready for ISE 2020 !


We are preparing to shake the ISE by unleashing the power of our MK2 line-up of processors and amplifiers with many new features. Make sure Booths 5-V85 and 6-K160 are on your list for this must-experience launch.

Already a massive hit with installers and end-users alike, our family of processors and amplifiers is about to get a serious upgrade in the form of MK2 versions which take our offering to the next level.

Our whole team is excited to be offering installers the chance to see and hear the new products at Integrated Systems Europe 2020. On the company’s own Booth 5-V85 all the new products will be on display with our team on hand to answer any questions visitors may have.

 There will also be an exciting chance to experience MK2 with a full live demo in partnership with Alcons Audio on Booth 6-K160 using an ISP.32 Digital AES MK2 in a full digital 11.4.8 cinema set up. This unique demo opportunity will be playing DTS:X Pro tracks and IMAX Enhanced, some of the new functionalities offered by MK2.

 If you are not already registered to attend ISE, get to it today and use ourexclusive exhibitors code of 916592 to gain entry for free.


Our new MK2 product line is almost there!


Offered in a new cool industrial design, the MK2 line-up keeps the company’s promise to deliver modularity and flexibility with 16, 24 or 32-channel analogue preamp/processors, a fully loaded digital AES 32-channel machine as well as 8 and 16-channel amps. Simply put, the MK2 family represents the most advanced group of AV and home cinema processors on the planet.


The line-up already supported Dolby Atmos, DTS :X, Auro-3D, Dirac Live Room Calibration as well as our proprietary web-based remote monitoring tool, StormMonitoring.

However, now installers can look forward to DTS:X Pro, IMAX Enhanced, Auro-3D Version 2, eARC HDMI, 24-channel (13.1.10 Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Pro) decoding, rapid codec switching and advanced bass management including the recently introduced Dirac Live Bass Control module carried across the new 4.0 firmware package.

StormAudio will be unique in the marketplace with Dirac Live Bass Control giving installers an edge on getting that all-important bass right in home cinema and AV installations.

Another unique feature on the processors is StormAudio’s own 7+2 eARC HDMI card which delivers quicker, rock-solid switching with full HDMI2.0b/HDCP2.2 support. The card supports 4K UHD,18 Gigabits per second bandwidth on every input and output port with Dolby Vision and HDR10 compatibility.

We are taking pre-orders right now for all the new releases.


Should you want to discuss distribution opportunities of StormAudio’s products, please contact Julia Olivier, Sales & Marketing Support, ( to setup a meeting with the team at ISE 2020.




Did you know about StormAudio's upgradability?

At StormAudio, we are faithful to our commitment to make scalable and upgradeable products so integrators can buy a product answering their current needs while being sure they can adapt to the future needs of their customers and new technologies.

This can be done through software upgrades, as we are doing with Firmware 4.0 bringing ROON ready of Dirac Live Bass Control support to all our past products, or through hardware upgrades to add channels or upgrade the HDMI card, for example with our latest HDMI eARC solution.


In the future, an AES67 option and a new full HDMI 2.1 solution is in the product roadmap. Compatible with all our products of course!