With Pulse Cinemas' in-house design and media team we can create fantastic promotional videos featuring your work and your company’s greatest achievements. Once completed, not only are these videos hosted on the vibrant and regularly updated Pulse Cinemas website, they are yours to keep for your own promotional activities!

So how does this all work? Well it's simple. To qualify to have one of our special videos created for, and in consultation with you, you need to be a regular Pulse Cinemas customer with at least one or preferably more projects populated with Pulse Cinemas ingredients. We will need some good images of the space, perhaps created when making a case study of the project. It's no problem if you don't generally create case studies from your installs, because we help you do that too! Find out how we can help here.

Our installer focused videos don’t have to be exclusively about projects, you can of course include important company milestones such as award wins, or include details on key members of your team.

The aim of course is to offer our dealers something unique, but more importantly, to assist in your drive to promote your company and create awareness for what you do and the results achieved.

In an increasingly on-line focused market, where end users search for inspiring images and videos to drive their purchase decisions, having a strong video out there doing the leg work for you is a real bonus.

We at Pulse Cinemas love to reward our dealers with all the support we can muster and the more work we do together, the more effort we can drive into supporting you. Our in-house created installer focused videos are yet another way we aim to deliver the best added value we can.

The example shown here was created in partnership with Prestige Audio, a company that has completed some stunning cinemas in recent years packed full of Pulse Ingredients. Our media team worked closely with Joe Carri, Commercial Director at the company, to get the video just right bringing to the fore exactly how Joe wanted the projects and the company to be presented. True partnership in action and now out there in cyberspace working for the company and the industry in general, showing what can be achieved.

Staring in your own movie really is as simple as giving us a call, so let’s make movie magic together!