Case study / Luxury Living Room Home Cinema


Luxury Living Room Home Cinema

This new project called on many key Pulse Cinemas ingredients and services to create a fully integrated, high-performance home cinema in a beautiful extension to a period property.

In the world of the dedicated home cinema, installers can of course control much of the environment that system will be performing in, however when it comes to delivering an integrated cinema for a multi-use living space, the challenges can be considerable. This does not mean however that standards must be compromised, this client still gets a fantastic level of performance by leaning into the products and services available from Pulse Cinemas.

The most obvious challenge here are the large windows on one side of the room. These full wall windows provide a very pleasant aspect to the room offering panoramic views of the grounds; however they also flood the space with ambient light. Step forward a complete and automated set of window treatments from world leaders Lutron which activate in playback mode to ensure that the right level of ambient light is reached so that any type of content can be enjoyed. The client here wanted the choice of some visibility to the exterior as well as full blackout, so both options were included. Lutron was also called upon to provide full control and automation of the room’s grand lighting scheme adding extra opulence and style to the space, whether the cinema is in operation or not. Talking of style, this space also employed the full services of Pulse Cinemas own interior design team helping to create a sharp mix of traditional period interior styling with a modern twist (the room is an extension to the grounds of a large period property). Keen art fans, the clients were also able to pick out a piece of favourite contemporary art to decorate the space integrated with the room’s Screen Research FDM, fixed frame Decormask, 110in, 16/9 ClearPix screen. When at rest the screen provides a pleasing piece of artwork in keeping with the room’s style, when in use the artwork moves gracefully aside so viewing can begin.

Artfully designed

The rest of the carefully curated AV line up delivers an excellent 5.2.4 system controlled by the powerful Anthem AVM70-8K 15.2 AV processor able to deliver Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and IMAX Enhanced content. The very latest version of Anthem’s room correction technology ARC Genesis got to flex its muscles in this project getting the audio exactly right and compensating for the room’s characteristics including the large windows. Further Anthem amplification is provided by the capable MCA525V2 5 x 225 watts per ch power amp. Our staff are always underlining the great performance achieved by combining sister brands Anthem and Paradigm. These brands are produced specifically to work in harmony with each other and in fact have been for many years. The fruits of these labours can be witnessed in this room as the Anthem products are partnered with a full complement of Paradigm speakers, drawn in the main from the CI Elite range delivering the audio performance and integrated qualities needed. The natural viewing partner for this was an artfully executed installation of the revolutionary Sim2 4K-XTV concept, able to deliver the brightness and fully integrated installation needed for a room such as this. It is possible that a large-scale TV or video wall product might have been considered for this space, but we strongly argue that if you want a real cinema level image, a projector will always win out and in particular Sim2 with its ability to deliver all of the benefits of HDR content is a stand out performer. Standing by to partner the Sim2 is a Kaleidescape Strato 4K Media Player (6TB) able to deliver the convenience and level of performance the customer was looking for. Kordz cables were also called on to deliver all the connectivity and reliability this project needs. Its never a good thing to have to go searching for a faulty cable, but in an integrated system such as this, the need for rock solid reliability is even greater.  

Adding to the level of performance and the aesthetics in this room are a series of Vicoustic panels delivering a stylish marble look to the room, but also helping with the quality of the audio during playback and in fact helping the room’s acoustics when the system is at rest as well. Heat gain can also be an issue in a space like this with the amount of glass included. The Lutron blinds can help tackle this, but also employed here is the latest brand to join the Pulse Cinemas line up HVAC specialist Airzone. Here an Airzone system helps control the environment in the room and can integrate perfectly with the building’s older heating system as a major feature of the Airzone approach is that it can work in partnership with brand new heating and cooling systems, but legacy ones as well. Another new addition to the Pulse family also features here as Tyba joins the party in the main rack with the inclusion of the Muse multi-room music system using the most recently released four channel streamer from the Muse family. Featured in a few other zones around the property, the Muse’s main theatre of operation is in the cinema where the customer enjoys music only playback over the system and can access a special 2.1 setting from the Anthem processor or enjoy surround sound music too.

Pulling all these systems together into an easy to control platform, RTI has been employed using a combination of an XP-6 Control Processor and a KA8 Touch Screen.

This room underlines that no matter what type of space needs to be equipped with a high-quality home cinema, Pulse Cinemas has the products, services, support and ambition to help our installation partners reach deliver the full potential of every project. 

Equipment List

Processor: Anthem AVM70 8K

Amplification: 1 x Anthem MCA525V2, 2 x Paradigm X-500

Speakers: 3 x Paradigm CI-ELITE-E5-LCR-V2 (LCR), 2 x Paradigm CI-Elite-E3-LCR-V2 (SUR), 4 x Paradigm CI-Elite-E80-R-V2 (HEI), 2 x Paradigm Seismic 110 Subwoofer (SUB)

Projector: Sim2 In Ceiling 4K XTV | Purchase | Specifications

Projection Screen: Screen Research Fixed Frame Decormask - Acoustically Transparent (110in wide, 16/9)

Sources: Kaleidescape Strato C Player, Kaleidescape Terra Compact 6TB Server, Tyba Muse 4 Channel Music Streamer

Lutron Lighting (Homeworks QS): HQP7-2 (Processor), QSPS-DH-1-75-H (Processor PSU), 2 x LQSE-4A5-230-D (4 Channel Dimming Module), PD4-36-RU10-2L2 (Module Enclosure), 2 x HQWT-S-PRW-QB (Palladiom Keypads Antique Bronze)

Lutron Window Treatments: (Sivoia QS): 3 x Sivoia QS Roller 64, 3 x QSPS-P3-1-35-V

Acoustic Treatment: Vicoustic

HVAC: Airzone

Cabling: Kordz

Control/Automation: RTI XP-6 Control Processor, KA8 Touch Screen