Case study / Pulse Cinemas Creates Another Home Cinema Demo Powerhouse


Pulse Cinemas Creates Another Home Cinema Demo Powerhouse

The whole Pulse Cinemas team is excited to present a really special new install created for a very cutting-edge venue, the Hub on Verulam, a seriously cool hospitality venue and members club created to add yet another demo and events space for our dealers.


Famed for its ancient Roman remains and beautiful cathedral, St Albans is a much sort after area to live and work in, or to commute the short distance to the capital. However, now the City has another claim to fame, it is home to what we feel is one of the best hospitality cinemas in the country, created for the Hub on Verulam by the Pulse Cinemas team. What is more, the venue is another world-class demonstration and events space open to Pulse Cinema dealers!

The venue itself boasts a huge array of attractions and events, offering an exciting place to eat, drink, attend pop up events and now to watch movies and sport in the highest quality possible.

Part of the plan in creating the venue, founded by local couple Alex and Hannah, was to show live sport, independent cinema, host community events and comedy in two screening rooms. The venue also hosts live music every month and also holds pop up events. The Hub’s kitchen is open all day serving food, drinks and cocktails in the various parts of the venue which cover inside and outside spaces. Open to the public, the venue also offers membership which opens up a range of other benefits. The Hub on Verulam’s cinema rooms host a busy monthly schedule of events, screening and workshops aimed at quenching the community’s thirst for knowledge, entertainment and connection.


This compact cinema room provides an intimate, luxury setting and enjoys its own private bar for pre-screening drinks. This space offers the chance to watch independent and classic films, major sporting events and documentaries.

Simon Gibbs, Technical Sales Director at Pulse Cinemas, explains, “In this room we have designed, specified and built a high-performance 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos cinema created to reflect the venue’s desire to offer different types of content in the space. Consequently, this system needed to be a good all-rounder and of course for a hospitality venue ease of use was also high on the agenda.”

Our team needed to dig deep into the Pulse Cinemas line up and come up with the perfect set of products to match the space with Sim2, Paradigm and Anthem some of the stars of the show.

Simon explains, “This space is really good opportunity to show what the Sim2 xTV 4K in ceiling projector can do. Obviously, the venue team needed to maintain the really cool aesthetic that goes right through the venue, so being able to specify a system that delivers highly impressive imaging, but a highly discreet install also, was a huge plus for the project and the customer. An Anthem MRX 1140 sits at the heart of the show, calling the shots and making sure the whole performance is delivered with aplomb. This brand so deserves its reputation of one of the most sought after AV companies in our sector, the products just deliver high-performance and reliability time after time.”

Simon adds, “Rounding out the main AV in this space we have an array of Paradigm speakers and a Screen Research 120in Diagonal CLF Screen partners the Sim2. We have also carefully treated the room and added to the aesthetic ambition of the space with wall and ceiling treatments for diffusion and absorption from Vicoustic.”

“At Pulse Cinemas we love to able to showcase what the Lutron brand can bring to a cinema and here is no exception. Lutron Homeworks QS is on the case here and a complete range of RTI products delivers ease of use and control of the whole space.


The name of this space was inspired by one of the founder’s (Alex) desire to create the ‘perfect’ environment for watching sport. The venue wanted to do away with all of the hassles often associated with watching sport at a hospitality venue - such as having to arrive super early to get a good spot, and even then struggling to hear the commentary or see the action properly. The terrace was a chance to show just what could be done to deliver on those aims.

Based around a 7.2.4 audio system and super-sized TV from LG for its versatility and brightness, the space again calls on Paradigm and Anthem to deliver the right impact at kick off.

Simon says, “In this space, the Anthem MRX 740 was optimal for the design, and we partnered it with a series of Paradigm speakers with Paradigm Sub Amps being applied to the bass channels to get the system where it needed to be. Again, we employed Vicoustic treatments for their aesthetic qualities and acoustic delivery and Lutron Homeworks QS is also present. Our automation and control platform of choice RTI acts the referee here, making sure the match goes off without a hitch. The super reliable Kordz cable brand is used in both cinemas to deliver the reliability and bandwidth needed.”

This area also enjoys tiered seating to deliver the perfect view for every seat and customers also enjoy the convenience of flip-down drinks trays.

Mike Beatty, Pulse Cinemas MD, sums up, “When the venue first contacted us, their screening room aims were rather more modest. However, our team were able to demonstrate the benefits of increasing the specification and ambition for both the spaces and the results are fantastic. What is more, our relationship with the venue means the space is open to Pulse Cinemas staff to bring dealers and customers to access the space as a demonstration and events opportunity. Get in touch if you want to know more!” 

The Hub on Verulam is a wonderful hospitality venue 



The Box Equipment List

Processor: Anthem MRX1140

Projector: Sim 2 xTV 4K In QEC Ceiling UST Projector

Screen: Screen Research 120” Diagonal CLF Screen

Speakers: LCR Speakers – 3 x Paradigm P3, Surround speakers – 4 x Paradigm P80-IW, Atmos Speakers – 4 x Paradigm P80-IW, Subs – 2 x Paradigm Defiance X12

Acoustic Treatment: Ceiling Acoustic Absorption treatment – Vicoustic PET panels behind fabric

Ceiling Acoustic Diffusion treatment – Vicoustic DC3 panels behind fabric

Wall Acoustic Treatment – Vicoustic PET panels behind fabric

Visible wall Treatment – Custom Vicoustic VMT Panels

Lighting: Lutron Homeworks QS Lighting

Cables: Kordz PRS3 Fibre HDMI

Control: RTI XP-6 Control Processor, RTI KA8 Touch Screen, RTI T4x Remote

The Terrace Equipment List

Processor: Anthem MRX740

Screen: 100in LG Commercial Monitor

Speakers: LCR Speakers – 3 x Paradigm P1, Surround Speakers – 4 x Paradigm P80-R, Subs – 2 x Paradigm DCS-208FR3

Amplification: Sub Amps – 2 x Paradigm X-500

Acoustic Treatment: Front/Rear/Ceiling– Vicoustic PET panels behind fabric

Side Wall Acoustic Treatment – Custom Vicoustic VMT panels

Lighting: Lutron Homeworks QS Lighting

Cables: Kordz PRS3 Fibre HDMI

Control: RTI XP-6 Control Processor, RTI KA8 Touch Screen, RTI T 4x Remote

Support/Accessories: Future Automation Siding Door