Case study / The Orient Express Home Cinema


The Orient Express Home Cinema

This beautiful home cinema was a fantastic chance for every discipline available from the Pulse Cinemas family to express itself and show what is possible with a high-concept and high-performance design.

Our in-house interior design team for this dedicated home cinema space were given a brief to create something that chimed with cutting edge interiors, but with an eastern flavour. Mixing some classic Japanese motifs with the room’s dramatic gold and black colour scheme creates a feeling of style and opulence, balancing the room perfectly with carefully placed accents and symmetrical elements. Having access to our in-house interior designer really is such a bonus to Pulse Cinemas dealers. Our team fully understand the performance needs of a cinema and so a perfect combination of form and function (as displayed in our new Reference Cinema) is achieved. The style and design of the room perfectly mirrors the equipment included creating a cohesive whole, never a compromise. Complementing the design perfectly, Lutron Homeworks QS is installed to add extra levels of drama and of course provide all the practical and automated lighting needs for the cinema. The accent lighting is particularly important here in this darker room, for practical and aesthetic reasons.

In a similar way to our Reference Cinema, a complement of custom printed Vicoustic VMT panels installed in the VicSpacer System have been used. These fantastic products give interior designers a totally new palate on which to work, but also focuses and tunes the cinema’s audio to perfection.

Speaking of audio, this space provides the chance for Paradigm to show what it can do in a dedicated home cinema with a full complement of drivers from the Elite range providing the opportunity for total immersion with this fully Dolby Atmos compliant cinema. These fully integrated speakers carry all of the poise and power that the brand’s stand-alone speakers are known for but woven perfectly into the fabric of the space. Partnering this excellent line up of speakers, is the recently shipping Anthem AVM 90. It’s worth remembering here that Anthem and Paradigm brands are literally created to work in complete harmony with each other and so pairing these two in this context was a no brainer and takes this room to a new level. The AVM 90 is simply the best AV processor Anthem has ever produced, and with the latest version of ARC: Genesis Room Correction on-board, installers can cope with any challenge out in the field.

Image conscious

This space called for an efficient execution of its imaging aspects and so our designers chose to partner a Screen Research fixed frame screen (140in) and the ground-breaking SIM2 DTV S short-throw projector. Saving much needed space at the rear of the room, the in-ceiling integration and superb imaging provided by the Sim2 DTV S shows how far short-throw projection has come. With its roots in perhaps clunkier, less ergonomic office-based systems of the past, in the hands of Sim2, the concept can now combine high-performance and true integration in one package. In turn the Screen Research fixed frame model provides the perfect canvas on which the Sim2 can weave its magic. A cinema such as this needed a world-class source to match its performance levels and the space enjoys access to a Kaleidescape Strato 6TB Movie Server which delivers all the capacity the owner could need as well as 4K picture delivery.

Controlling the whole cinema is effortless, thanks to the specially bundled RTI CCK32 Control Pack which allows intuitive and fast control of every aspect of the system.

Lastly here, a generous two rows of three Fortress Seating Bijou models match the room’s design elements of course, but also deliver the world-class comfort the brand is known for.

Equipment List

Screen – Screen Research fixed frame screen (140in)

Projector: SIM2 DTV (ceiling-mounted)

Speakers – LCR’s – Paradigm Ci Elite E5, Surround & Surround Backs – Paradigm Ci Elite E3, Atmos – Paradigm Ci Elite E80-R

Subwoofers – Paradigm RVC-12SQs

Processor – Anthem AVM 90  

Sources: Kaleidescape Strato 6TB – Movie Server

Control: RTI CCK32 – Control pack including remote, processor and 1 iPad licence

Lighting: Lutron Homeworks QS

Acoustic Treatment – Vicoustic absorption, diffusion and bass management package

Seating – Fortress Seating Bijou x 6