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How do I use Anthem ARC Genesis

Download and install the program, connect your computer to the same network as your ARC or PBK compatible audio device, or attach your computer and audio device using a USB cable. Start ARC Genesis, select auto mode and click okay (only displays the first time ARC is run), choose launch ARC, and choose your audio device. Configure measurements (tell ARC about your audio system), choose your microphone and measure your system. Proper microphone positioning is essential for good results. Multiple microphone positions are required to prevent standing waves or boundaries from skewing results but begin with the primary listening position for best results. Once measurements are done, upload your corrections and hear the difference ARC makes - it really is that simple. Using ARC Mobile ARC Mobile is very similar to the main platforms however this version utilises the networking and Bluetooth ability of your smart device to communicate with the equipment in the system as well as using the built-in mic on your device to take measurements. Follow the on-screen instructions and you can't go wrong.

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