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How is it different to Streaming from the likes of Apple / Sky / Netflix?

There are a number of key differences to note Quality - All content being delivered by Kaleidescape systems, is either directly from a high-quality DVD or Blu-ray disc present in the system OR from a file downloaded from the Kaleidescape store in bit-for-bit, totally lossless video and audio quality. Conversely, all streaming services are limited to providing content at a lower quality to maintain speed of service. This quality is equivalent to 20% of the video data and 2-5% of the audio data being delivered by Kaleidescape. For example, a two-hour movie in 4K and Dolby Atmos should be roughly 60GB in size (which is what Kaleidescape delivers) the same file streamed will be limited to just 16GB. This difference is not a consequence for most streaming users watching on a standard TV and audio setup, but for a home cinema owner with 100in+ screen, good quality projector and surround sound system, the difference is very noticeable. Range of Content – Kaleidescape’s Movie Store is the definitive movie collection online. There is no rotation of content to give the impression of variety, all of the movies are available all of the time and in the highest available quality. If something isn’t available, then it is likely that this content is not available in the highest qualities anywhere else. Aside from the major studios, Kaleidescape also has content from some of the more niche studios as well as hundreds of iconic concerts remastered in lossless audio and full HD, with some 4K concerts now available. Made for Cinema – Streaming services are ‘made for TV’ limited to 16:9 menus and no programming capability with home cinema components. Kaleidescape’s hardware and software is built specifically for use within home cinema environments.

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