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I could just buy a 4K Blu-Ray player and get the highest quality… Why buy Kaleidescape instead?

4K Blu-ray is a fantastic option for anyone looking to get a high quality source into their home cinema, no question. The obvious difference is that Kaleidescape doesn’t require the changing of discs and storage of disc cases, but there is a much bigger and more relevant reason why investing in digital ownership should be preferred over disc. Quality. Movies are now delivering so much data on screen that multi-layer Blu-ray discs are not physically capable of delivering the home video experience when restricted to 66GB (dual layer) or 120GB (triple layer) especially when you consider that they have to fit the extras, menus, trailers and warnings all alongside the main feature. Kaleidescape is not bound by these restrictions. As an example, the recently crowned highest grossing movie of all time; Avengers: Endgame was delivered to 4K Blu-ray on a dual layer disc limited to 66GB for movie, featurettes and disc extras. The same movie purchased on Kaleidescape topped 103GB in size for the movie alone. With no restrictions on size of file, Kaleidescape do not have to compress the movie as heavily (or sometimes at all) to deliver the highest quality file to the customer. Quality in digital ownership has now surpassed physical ownership. The reason? Well studios are getting wise to the cost of disc pressing, distribution and marketing and realise that delivering the movie digitally be that via streaming or Kaleidescape offers almost 100% margin with zero overheads other than marketing. So now, more than ever movies made in 4K are not getting 4K disc releases because it is simply too expensive to do and the number of 4K Blu-ray players in the market does not quantify a widespread release. So, with content now limited and quality having been surpassed in some cases, 4K disc is still a great option, but not the best option.

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