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I have a disc collection, can I transfer it over?

Kaleidescape offers a solution for customers wishing to either manage their discs or migrate and future proof their collection. The Premiere Line of servers, players and disc vaults offer the customer ultimate disc management to make sure every movie in their collection is at their fingertips and enjoyable in the way only Kaleidescape is capable of delivering. For those that do not want to rely on disc anymore and move it all to digital, the customer can specify a Strato 4K system and use Kaleidescape’s ‘Disc-2-Digital’ service, which although still growing as a service can offer the customer discounted upgrades on their existing disc collection to the lossless digital versions in the latest formats like 4K & HDR. For movies not available on this service it will require the movies being purchased again, which although this is a mental barrier for some, almost always works out cheaper than trying to manage those discs by purchasing Premiere Line system.

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