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What are some of the technologies unique to Paradigm?

Unique, patented Paradigm technologies include handcrafted crossovers built with precision parts to exacting standards for superb consistency and transparent performance, custom designed super-efficient, high-current, high-power amplifiers that effortlessly provide superior power output, clean and smooth, for the most demanding listening levels. Paradigm also produces CAD-perfected, acoustically inert high-density FB enclosures, rigid and reinforced throughout with interior radial bracing to efficiently eliminate unwanted resonances and to damp performance-robbing vibrations. Paradigm also boasts the most advanced lightweight and stiff driver and tweeter materials, from patented coated metals to Beryllium mineral foil, secured to their powerful motor structures with durable patented over-molded surrounds that allow for extended excursion and increased output. The brand also has world's most advanced, yet easiest to use, room optimization software, Anthem Room Correction (ARC), to instantly ensure perfect, realistic performance in any listening space.

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