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What is D-BOX?

Its state-of-the-art and subtle technology enables the viewer to become fully immersed in the movie, thanks to a perfect synchronization of the movement in the seat within the content and audio track with the on-screen action. Through subtle movement, smooth rolling and various levels of intensity, you can control your own seat to personalise your unique experience. Since 2009, millions of moviegoers and exhibitors have chosen D-BOX technology to enhance their cinematic experience. D-BOX redefines and creates realistic, immersive entertainment experiences by moving the body and sparking the imagination through motion. D-BOX has collaborated with some of the best companies in the world to deliver new ways to enhance great stories. Whether it’s movies, video games, virtual reality applications, themed entertainment or professional simulation, D-BOX creates a feeling of presence that makes life resonate like never before.

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