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What product options does Sim2 offer?

The Nero 4S - UHD HDR range offers the company’s most conventional approach to projection with the emphasis on image quality and installation power. Products such as the NERO 4S UHD HDR, deliver exceptional 4K images, high brightness and an accurate, vibrant colour palette. The flexibility of this range is also impressive, offering powerful zoom and lens shift functions. Nero projectors are suited to larger home cinemas and have professional calibration built in. The Crystal 4 - UHD HDR option delivers excellent picture quality and UHD (Ultra High Definition) 4K images. This projector also features a stylish ‘made-in-Italy’ design, a distinctive, contemporary cabinet enriched by a crystal finish by designer Giorgio Revoldini. Sim2’s xTV concept takes a different approach and is designed to deliver images from a projector placed very close to the screen. Able to be free-standing or hidden in cabinets and furniture or even hidden in the ceiling, these projectors offer style and convenience in one beautifully designed package.

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