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Why choose a Prismasonic Anamorphic lens?

A projector with a high-quality anamorphic lens enables the use of an ultra-wide screen with a side masking system. The lens makes it possible to present the films as the director intended with full cinematic impact. 2.40:1 aspect ratio or Cinemascope as it is often called, is the format used for many of the world’s best movies. All Prismasonic’s Cinomorph anamorphic lenses have the horizontal expansion optics, thus supporting perfectly a constant height, 2.40:1 Cinemascope setup. The lens series has different sister models based on both corrected prisms and cylindrical optics. A native 16:9 projector produces grey bars on top and bottom of the picture, when the aspect ratio is wider than its native resolution. Thus, for movies in a 2.40:1 aspect ratio, as much as 35 % of the image’s vertical resolution is lost since the pixels in those areas are displaying black. In a 4K panel this means almost two million wasted pixels. All of these issues are solved with a Prismasonic lens.

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