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Why is Kaleidescape any different to other ‘Movie Server’ products?

This is a multi-faceted question that requires a multi-faceted answer. The core differences summarised in three words though would be; Experience, Legality & Support. Experience – This is by far the biggest reason why Kaleidescape is synonymous with high end home cinema installs and the main factor that closes the sale on systems. The user experience is one designed by stone-cold movie enthusiasts and is designed to deliver ultimate comfort, convenience and enjoyment in everything from searching for what you want to watch, to enjoying specific moments again, or even ensuring that it ‘feels’ like you are genuinely at the cinema and not at home watching a DVD. Every single movie released has had its metadata curated by Kaleidescape’s content team so that when a disc is inserted or a movie is purchased, the information is complete, concise and doesn’t require any editing but ultimate customisability is at the customers fingertips should they want it. Kaleidescape’s user experience has never needed to rapidly evolve because it’s elegant simplicity and features that maintain authenticity and immersion, genuinely separate the ‘Home Cinema Experience’ from the ‘Home Video Experience’. Support - Another thing to note is that Kaleidescape are the pioneers and inventors of the ‘movie server’ as we know it and their survival and continued growth is testament to the fact that they not only produce a great product, but are one of, if not the only movie server company that has a dedicated network of support and a team of technically brilliant people dedicated to problem solving available all hours of the day, worldwide. The support of these already very reliable products is such that the dealer and customer can take a lot of comfort in the fact that the higher price is not just related to better quality, or content, but also superior technical support. Legality – The legal issues surrounding the ability to ‘Rip’ content varies depending on where in the world you live, but in the UK, though ripping copy-protected discs is not illegal, the physical act of transferring the format of a copy protected disc over to a digital file is illegal. This means that any movie server that promotes the ability to Rip disc content to a central NAS drive is selling a product that, if the customer uses in the way that most intend to, then they will be breaking piracy law. The way these companies get away with it is by absolving themselves of any responsibility, using disclaimers and small print to let the customer know that ‘they absolutely can do this, but ultimately, we do not condone you using to rip content that you don’t have the legal right to.’ [sic] Kaleidescape were the originators of ‘ripping’ and have been through countless legal battles for over 10 years from the early 2000’s but when the law finally changed and DVD content was protected, Kaleidescape chose to work with the studios to protect content and deliver it ‘as the director intended’ which is why we find Kaleidescape at the forefront of premium video on demand representing the major studios and working with them to stamp out the piracy of content.

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