Case study / Creating A True Reference Level Home Cinema


Creating A True Reference Level Home Cinema

This Reference Level home cinema design uses some of the highest performing products we have in the Pulse Cinemas family. Those products combined with our full complement of design and demonstration services, witnessed this customer receiving the home cinema of their dreams supported from start to finish by Pulse Cinemas.

This cinema design began life after one of our dealers experienced our new Reference Cinema demonstration space and the high levels of performance that have been delivered there using Alcon's Audio, Trinnov and Sim2 as the main backbone.

The dealer was confident he had a client who would be interested in a similar system, but needed the benefit of all of our services to create a full package that the customer could understand and relate to. The space the client had available was quite different in terms of size and shape to Reference Cinema suite, so the whole Pulse Cinemas team got to work providing a detailed proposal on how cinema would work. The first service that swung into action was the Acoustic Project Request from acoustic experts Vicoustic. Using this service, the dealer was able to access a detailed acoustic survey and build proposal for the space. Using this as the basis for the project build, the dealer was also able to tap into Vicoustic’s ability to create bespoke acoustic panels for each project so that the customer gets not only cutting-edge acoustic performance, but also the aesthetics they desire. Using the Vicoustic proposal as the basis, the dealer was also able to access and supply to the client photo realistic renders of the project, created by our in-house team. The customer now had strong insight into how the cinema would perform and also how it would look. Time then for the customer to come in and experience for themselves the level of quality that their cinema was going to deliver. Pulse Cinemas staff and the dealer hosted the family for a full-on film night in the Reference Cinema at Pulse HQ providing the customer with the last piece of the jigsaw to enable them to make the decision to go ahead. The customers was also able to experience a full virtual reality simulation of how they cinema would look feel and perform with our recently launched Dream Engine VR service. This service offers the customer the chance to spend time in a virtual copy of what their cinema will be like so they can fully understand how it look, but also understand how it will perform, it really is a powerful tool for showing customers high level quality that they are going to receive.   

Reference Home Cinema Build

We are proud to represent and supply the Alcons Audio brand into the home cinema market for the UK. The reason for taking on this brand was simple, to take the performance achieved in the very best commercial spaces and supply that into the home. The brand’s many exclusive and in-house created technologies offer performance levels, headroom, and a sublime listening experience not delivered before in the industry. A full suite of Alcons Audio speakers combined with the company’s intelligent amplification products means this cinema delivers fantastic performance no matter what type of content is being watched completely free of listener fatigue. Working in concert with the audio, Sim2’s highest performing projection system means the visuals match the performance level of the audio. Having technologies such as HDR really only mean something when you have a product that can fully exploit the potential that the approach offers. The Sim2 Dual Nero 4S was created to do exactly that and then if you haven't seen it demonstrated yet at pulse cinemas HQ come along and see it, you will understand just how good this dual projector system is really is. This room needed a projector screen that could be hidden away when not in use, so the design team specified a XLR3 Deco Mask 150” from Screen Research. Processing is handed by Trinnov’s powerful Altitude 32, recently installed at Pulse Cinemas HQ in our own Reference Cinema.

Naturally as the basic design for the cinema was created via the Vicoustic Acoustic Project Request service, the room has a full complement of bespoke created treatments either on view or hidden to focus the sound around those in the room and give every listener a high performance experience. The customer wanted to spend time in the space relaxing, chatting and listening to music so the seating had to provide different options for different parts of the space. The desired look and feel here was less for formal cinema seating but more relaxed living room style. Fortress Seating has loads of options for this type of approach and provided different options for the front and back row some with D-Box functionality and some without. Whatever content or activity the family are enjoying in the space they can do it in total comfort thanks to Fortress Seating.

The level of detail and performance achieved in this home cinema is only possible when dealing with high performance brands backed up by high performance design and support. It's very much like building a high performance racing car, gathering together the right components is one part of the process, having the right knowledge, engineering, construction and design knowhow is the other. Using all the services Pulse Cinemas offers means that no matter what the performance level and aesthetic ambitions of the customer, we can build a cinema to those exact requirements. Get in touch to find out more and come and have a demo!

Equipment List

Projector: Sim2 Dual Nero 4S

Screen: XLR3 Deco Mask 150”

Speaker Amplifiers: Alcons ALC Sentinel 3

Sub Amplifiers: Alcons ALC Sentinel 10

Speakers: LCRs, Alcons CRMS-MK II

Front Wide Speakers: Alcons CRMS-SRHV

Surround Speakers: Alcons CRMSC-SRIW

Auro Front Speakers: Alcons CRMS-SRHV

Atmos Speakers: Alcons CRMSC-SRIW

Front Subs: CRMS-LFE18

Rear Subs: CRMS-LFE18sl

Processor: Trinnov Altitude 32

Acoustic Treatment: Behind Front Wall - Vicoustic MD55

Walls Absorption – Custom printed Vicoustic VMT panels installed in VicSpacer System

Wall Diffusion – Vicoustic VicPattern Ultra Wavewood

Ceiling Absorption – Vicoustic VMT Panels installed in VicSpacer System

Ceiling Diffusion – Vicoustic Multifuser Wood 36

Seating: Back Row – Fortress Nova Theatre Chair with DBOX. Luxtan Taupe Premium Leather

Front Row – Fortress West End Theatre Chair – Ultraposh Serengeti Premium Suede