Acoustic Treatment

For many years the subject of acoustically treating a room to create the best audio performance was often seen as a dark art, complex and impenetrable. Often installers would avoid this issue altogether, lacking the knowledge or products to make a difference. Vicoustic has changed all of that with its range of simple to install treatments and full support to get each project right.

The company’s vision is to provide the best products and services for acoustic treatment – always guaranteeing best quality of material, stunning design options and perfect results. 

Combined with skilled consulting and a portfolio of material from a wide range of products, Vicoustic delivers the complete audio treatment partner whatever the type of project being undertaken.

A Journey Into Sound

Vicoustic’s flexible company structure quickly adapts to market needs, allowing the company to react and deliver the solutions needed. (Closed up space) The company’s extensive portfolio includes a range of absorption and diffusion panels, insolation products, bass traps, as well as portable acoustic treatment products. Getting the acoustic performance correct but also delivering an attractive product for the home, is the key when delivering solutions for home cinemas.

Companies working in this area often focus on sound performance, whilst some focus on creating an aesthetically pleasing product. Vicoustic wins as it combines both elements. Getting a surround sound just right, at both soft and high levels, is a difficult task. Vicoustic solves these acoustic problems and creates custom made solutions for your requirements. There is a whole department within Vicoustic dedicated to supporting installers and ensuring that they get the treatments for each room correct and maximise the benefit. With experts in acoustics and interior design within the company, customers can be sure of getting the most comprehensive support. Installers just need to provide the details of each project and Vicoustic uses all its resources to design treatments that will take the room to the next level. All of this expertise is only available in the UK from home cinema specialists that work with Pulse Cinemas.