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Dream Home London - Cyber Homes

A luxury hotel developer and interior designer entrusted Pulse Cinemas award-wining installation partner Cyberhomes to help them create an outstanding dream home in London. The look, feel and performance of the cinema was crucial to the owners, so only a high-functioning, well designed room would do.  

The couple had their heart set on preserving the double doors between the cinema room and hallway, an important signature feature of the home, however this reduced the amount of space available for the screen. 

The size and unusual shape of the room also presented some design challenges, so getting the audio right in this room needed some careful planning and the right products of course. Cyberhomes worked with Pulse Cinemas' brand Screen Research to design a bespoke cinema screen to cope with the unusual shape of the room and the space available. 

The team employed automatic motorised top and bottom screen masking to achieve the correct aspect ratios for each type of content watched in the cinema. Cyberhomes also delivered a full Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 immersive surround sound system, using AudioControl processing and amplification partnered with a full array of James Loudspeaker products. 

The seats in this cinema are close to the walls, so to create the most diffused and enveloping sound, ‘bi-pole’ speakers were employed for the side and rear speaker channels, as they maximise dispersion.

Cyberhomes also took the step of having the room acoustically treated, installing absorption and bass management panels to control the sound in this relatively compact space.

Also helping with the audio is the coffered ceiling, which reduces sound reflections, as well as adding a touch of drama to the room with its night-sky lighting effect.

The install team wanted the cinema to be as easy to use as possible. Just touching the ‘movie’ button on the dedicated wall-mounted controller, means the cinema comes to life, lowering the projector into position, adjusting the screen to the correct size for the content to be watched, at the same time firing up the Kaleidescape 4K, whilst dimming the lights to signal the start of the show.

Cyberhomes also programmed lighting scenes into the Lutron lighting system, so that when the family sits down to a movie, sports programme or a spot of gaming, the lighting automatically matches the occasion.

The attractive chairs were also especially created for the cinema by Fortress Seating, not only matching the style of the cinema, but delivering bags of comfort as well.

When the screen isn’t in use, the stylish interior is preserved by hiding all of the equipment. The projector dissapears back into its space in the ceiling (thanks to the Future Automation PD2 projector lift) and the screen becomes invisible thanks to full closure side-masking.

The speakers and acoustic treatment already lie behind pleated, stretched-fabric walls, so the room fully preserves the impressive style of the home.

The equipment also gets protection from power surges and receives optimized and clean power from IsoTek power conditioning products. 

The installation was extremely smooth. Cyberhomes are very hands-on, and were available 24/7 during the process - and beyond. They worked hard to overcome any issues along the way.Homeowner, London

Dream Home London Equipment List

Full AURO 3D/Dolby Atmos/DTS:X Audio

  • Anthem 
  • BGW
  • James Loudspeaker
  • James Loudspeakers - In-ceiling Speakers
  • IsoTek - Power Conditioning

World Class Projection & Screen Combination

  • Screen Research

Perfect mix of high performance and high luxury environment

  • Kaleidescape - 4K movie server
  • Lutron
  • Fortress Seating - Kensington

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